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No description

Marc Oliva Gorria

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of BT MOVIES

Alicia-Jane Jarvis
Andrew Dale
Marc Oliva
Broadband + TV + Mobile
Size of the market
Customer's profile
Consumption patterns
Major Competitors
Size of the market:
16.2 million people used broadband connection daily in 2006
35.7 million people used broadband connection daily in 2013

75% of adults have broadband at home (fixed and mobile)
Size of the market:
82.8 million mobile subscriptions in 2013
24.4 million of home landlines in UK in 2013
Size of the market:
97% of UK homes have digital TV
242 minutes of TV are watched everyday / person
How to increase profit by 5%?
BT Movies
Size of the market:
7.6% of the channels watched are movie channels
13 million households do NOT subscribe to pay TV ( 1.6 billion Pound possible growth only in pay TV)
Initially 4 channels:
BT Action and Adventure movies
BT Premiere movies
BT children movies
BT classic movies
Wide target audience
What New Market Offer ?
88% of 16-24 year olds
80% of 35-44 year olds
37% of 65+ year olds
Percentage of daily Broadband users per range of age
Consumption Patterns:
35 hours / month on the Internet (Ofcom)
45 hours / month on the Internet (Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC)
Average: 1h25min / day
Major Competitors:
Consumption patterns:
People send 200 sms per month in 2013
20% of adults had mobile internet access in 2009
39% of adults had mobile internet access in 2012
49% of adults had mobile internet access in 2013
Major competitors:

Phone market share 2013 - fixed lines call volumes
Others - 50%
BT - 38%
Virgin Media - 12%
1.9 million of young adults (16-24) watch TV on an average week day (30% of the age group)
6.7 million adults (65+) watch TV on an average week day (66% of the age group)
Consumption patterns:
Households spent an average of 4 hours per day watching TV
Children (2-11) watched programs for their age, including cartoons and movies.
Teenagers (12-17) watched sitcoms and movies
Men (18+) were interested in sitcoms, movies and sports
Women (18+) were interested in soaps, movies and sitcoms

Major competitors:
Sky has over 10 million TV customers
Virgin Media has over 4 million TV customers
122 million Pound market value for online video on demand in 2012 (123% increase from 2011)
121 million Pound market value for TV based video on demand (e.g. Sky Movies) in 2012 (12% increase from 2011)
Consumption patterns:
Major competitors:
Sky movies: 10.5 million customers
BT TV customers: 810.000
Total value of UK film market: 4 billion Pounds
Dominant pay TV operator
Movies available on many devices (laptop, tablet, phone)
Services in bundle deals
Packages with other companies

3% increase in Q3 2013
We propose...
Initial offer:
3month free trial for non-BT customers
5month free trial for current BT broadband customers
5month free trial for new BT broadband customers
August 2014 (best Christmas present)
Big launching marketing campaign
Thank you
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