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Welcome to Mrs. Lokanc's Class

A presentation to welcome my students to their first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Amber Lokanc

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Mrs. Lokanc's Class

2) When you enter the classroom you are to discuss your WSQ with your group members.
3) Answer and ask any questions you
or your group may have about the
video from the previous night.
1)WSQ stands for "watch -summarize -question"
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Rene Birthday
Be respectful
Evaluation and grading
Teaching Philosophy
Rule #1
well-oiled machine.
help the classroom run smoothly,
Rule #4
Ask Questions!
Help me!
Be prepared
Keep the classroom clean and organized.
Rule #2
Listen Attentively
Critical Thinking
like a
Classroom Procedures
Greet Mrs. Lokanc and your classmates.
Read the agenda for the day.
Take out required supplies.
Start discussing your WSQ with your group.
Clean up your area & return supplies
Stay seated - the bell does not dismiss you, the teacher does.
Say goodbye to Mrs. Lokanc and your classmates.
Be productive & responsible

8-15 minute videos
While watching the video, the students must take notes in their notebook and answer practice problems with work shown.
After watching the video, the students must answer and submit a WSQ on a google form.
Lawson Michael
The 4 C's
32% - Quizzes
34% - Tests/Projects
Grading Policy
21% Notes & WSQ
13% Basic Skills
Notes Rubric
Extremely incomplete.

Only a few examples/problems are complete.

The notes are less than half complete.
Nice Try.

Notes are about half complete. Not all of the examples are written nor the practice problems are not complete.
Excellent Job.
All examples were copied down word for word. All practice problems were completed with all work shown
1 point will be deducted for
not recording score
not correcting incorrect problems
in colored pen
are responsible for your own education.
Rule #3
The benefit of a flipped classroom is that you will not feel as though you missed anything when you are absent. All the videos will be uploaded to our class website and you will be able to view and complete your WSQ and practice problems the same as if you were in class that day.

When you return to class, make sure to tell Mrs. Lokanc you completed watching the video and show her the notes you took.

Per the school policy, you have two days for every day you are absent to turn in your absent work. I will not remind you, it is your responsibility to do the work you missed from when you were absent in a timely manner.
About Me
* Hanging out with my family
* Sports (especially football)
* Shopping
* Going back home to Minnesota

4th year at OJH
8th year teaching
About Mrs. Lokanc
2 Children-
Lyla (3) and Lawson (1 1/2)
2 Dogs - Boxers
Pixie and Coach

Supported Learning
Balance Work & Fun
Flipped Classroom
Lyla Madysen
Maintain a professional demeanor
Treat the classroom like your workplace.
Face the speaker
In addition to class rules, follow school rules
at all Times.
Do not physically, verbally, or psychologically harm another person.
Rule #5
Verbal Warning

Student Conference

Strike two worksheet

Call Home


Administrative Referral

Supplies Needed
to Ms. Lokanc's Class

No Bullying!
Make eye contact
Refrain from talking
Ask questions to clarify
Use body language to show interest
Be polite, considerate, and well spoken
Display a positive, collaborative attitude
Follow the directions the first time they are given!
Keep tables, chairs, and other classroom supplies clean and orderly
Do not touch the whiteboard, the teacher's desk, or any other teacher supplies.
Do not touch other student's laptops
Laptops closed while teacher is talking
4) Work on the practice problems together as a group.
Good Job.
Notes are mostly complete. Majority of examples were completed but not word for word. Practice problems were complete but not all work shown.
No Credit.

The notes were not attempted.
Late Assignments
6th Grade

I do not like to repeat myself!
Q1 - Q2 - Anything turned in late will receive half credit
Q3 - Q4 - No late work will be accepted. It will result in a zero.
8th Grade
No late work will be accepted. It will result in a zero.
Basic Skills

*Basic skills consist of Order of Operations, fractions and decimals. They are a very important part of your grade.

* Your quarter grade cannot be higher than either of your basic skills quizzes. (i.e. in order to get a "c" for the quarter, you must get a "c" on both basic skills quizzes (order of operations and fractions/decimals)
* Students scoring less than a "c" on any basic skills quiz will be REQUIRED to re-take the quiz.
*Any student may re-take a basic skills quiz to improve his or her potential for the quarter.

WSQ Rubric
Extremely incomplete.

Only a question was submitted. No summary submitted

The WSQ is less than half complete. Partial summary and no question asked.
Nice Try.

WSQ is about half complete. Too many incomplete sentences and/or summary was incomplete and no question asked.
1 point will be deducted for
not recording score
not correcting incorrect problems
in colored pen
Good Job.
WSQ was mostly completed. A few incomplete sentences.
Excellent Job.
WSQ form was fully completed with complete sentences.
No Credit.

The WSQ was not attempted.
Grading Scale
94% -100% = A
93% - 86% = B
85% - 76% = C
75% - 68% = D
67% or below = F
ALL tests and quizzes must be signed and returned within 3 days
* Spiral Notebook (3)
* MacBook Air
* Scientific Calculator
* Pencils
* Pens
* Graph Paper
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