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MacBeth Crime Scene Report

No description

rosemarie maghilom

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of MacBeth Crime Scene Report

Interviews of People who knew King Duncan.
The only object that we found was a bloody dagger.

Lady Macbeth
Wife Macbeth
Noble General
and MacBeth's freind

King Duncan's death
Thane of Glamis
and recently pronounced Thane of Cawdor
Who has seen him last?!?!

BANQUO~ was the last person who saw King Duncan before his tragedy.
"What, sir, not yet at rest? The king’s a-bed" (Act 2, Scene 1)

Investigator: Where were you the night King Ducan was murdered?
Macbeth: I was everywhere. I had alot of preparations to do for the late noticed party.
Investigator: what were you celebrating?
Macbeth: Malcolm and I. He was titled Prince of Cumberland and I Thane of Cawdor
Investigator: Have you seen Ducan at all that night?
Macbeth: Only when I was to greet him.
Investigator: Where were you the night king Ducan was murderd?
Lady Macbeth: I was still hosting the party.
Investigator: You seem shaken up.
Lady Macbeth: shan't I. The King Scotland was murdered in my own house. The murderer can still be in my house.
Investigator: Well were here to find that out.
Investigator: When was the last time you saw him?
Lady Macbeth: He was fully fed and left to his chamber early with two gaurds
Investigator: Where were you the night Ducan was murdered?
Banquo: I was with him, celebrating .
Investigator: You were the last person to see him? weren't you?
Banquo: Yes, other than the guards that were protecting his room
Investigator: we were also told that you were with your son, Correct?
Banquo: yes, Fleance.
Investigator: and where was he in this situation?
Banquo: Right by my side. he never left me.
Investigator: That is all .
Investigator: Where were you the night Ducan was murdered?
Guard #1 : yea there
Investigator: Are you alright?
Guard #2: yeah.......yeah
Investigator: It seems to me that you were drunk that previous night
Guard #2 : yeah...no....yeah... I mean no..no... i think
Investigator: Do you realize that the King is dead.
Guard #1: No he... he sleeping
Investigator: Why weren't you guarding his door
Guard # 1 : we did
Investigator: then what happened?
Guard # 2: Yeah.....

Son of King Duncan
Prince of Cumberland
Investigator: Malcolm... or should I say Prince of Cumberland. Where were you the night your father was murdered?
Malcolm: With him, we were celebrating
Investigator: So I have been told. How do you like being the prince?
Malcolm: I can't comprehend?
Investigator: are you satisfied or is there something bigger your crave? Something like King?
Malcolm: Are you accusing me for killing my own father?
Investigator: Well the signs are pointing to you. I have one thing to tell you. If you step out of this town I will find faster than you can engrave murder on your tombstone.
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