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Cosmic Coffee Cafe

Business Promotion

Katelyn Deibert

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Cosmic Coffee Cafe

Katelyn Deibert, Gabe Villani, and Shania Hosseini Projected Outcome Cosmic Coffee Cafe™ Coffee Franchise
To inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. From local harvesters to the power centers of international trade, it has been banned, berated, hailed and championed, generating as much fear as enjoyment. This is not just a drink, this is magic, infusing itself into our psyche, stirring conflict and controversy. Tune in, and enjoy the bold, robust voyage that is coffee.

Coffee shops are a newly created business, designed to bring political, economic, and social gain to England. Politically speaking, coffee shops have been held as settings for political debates within the past century as well as a place to maintain social gatherings, and was also a major discussion hot spot in the French Enlightenment. With your investment the Cosmic Coffee Cafe can expand into America and increase our demand and profit. Our company can benefit the country of England even more with the help of the BBW Foundation's investment. So what are the drawbacks? The only drawback we present you with is the fact that it will take some time to get your money back considering it is a large investment and will take time to construct the new locations to reap the benefits from. Our profit from our ten other successful franchises will help aid in paying back the money as quickly as possible. Our projected outcome in the beginning after 4 years of construction is about 10,000 pounds a year. After time progresses and as more developments are made it will be around 20,000 pounds a year. Also, the numbers will only increase with the increasing population and popularity of coffee in the future. We thank you for your time and for listening to our pitch. We are seeking a total investment of £7,000 for a 30% stake in our company. With the investment, we hope to expand our label into the New World, creating 2 new locations in the east coast, including a Boston location and a Jamestown location. Cosmic Coffee Cafë is a successful English Coffee shop franchise that has
advanced into 10 locations within the borders of England,
seeking to expand the label to the New World. New and Existing Locations The new coffee houses are expected to be a completed project by the spring of 1654, taking almost 3 years to complete, but becoming the first coffee shops in all of the New World. Main Key Points of Purpose In the Market

-Center of Social Gatherings
-Center of Political Debates
-Connects the settlers to their mother country through the British owned company
-Creates many new modern jobs for the agricultural based country
-Introduces the coffee to the New World
-Acts as substitute of alcohol for Muslims
-Known as a short time energizer for the working class due to content of caffeine The 1699 treatise titled England’s Happiness Improved stated, “Moderately drunk, coffee removes vapours from the brain, occasioned by fumes of wine, or other strong liquors; eases pains in the head, prevents sour belchings, and provokes appetite.” Style and Expectations Pope Clement VIII After being pressured to outlaw coffee by other vaticans who said it was the devils drink, he decided to taste coffee so he could know what he was banning. He took a sip and exclaimed how much he loved it by saying "This devil's drink is so delicious...we should cheat the devil by baptizing it." in the year 1600. We can widen our demographics if we have him endorsing our coffee house because he will appeal to christians. Pasqua Rosée Pasqua Rosée opened the first coffeehouse in London. It started as a small stall, then grew into his own building coffee shop. He then retired early because of his major wealth. He's a great celebrity because everyone loved his coffee and he was a major player in the business. With his endorsement we hope to inform all our future customers in America that we are a quality franchise with the right connections within this business, earning the trust of Americans. Medicinal Purposes
excellent to prevent and cure the Dropsy, Gout, and Scurvy.
very good to prevent mis-carriages in child-bearing women.
a most excellent Remedy against the Spleen, Hypocondriack Winds, or the like.
Quickens the Spirits, and makes the Heart Lightsome. The First Ever Coffee Ad Pros About Coffee CCC holds high expectations for its costumers in England and prefers, but does not require, that they dress in fashionable Western European clothing characterized by broad lace or linen collars. High waistlines are favored. Full, slashed sleeves, as well as tall or broad hats with brims are preferred. For men, breeches are required. The company plans to open the new franchises in America to the middle and high class, but will not have a dress code for the time being. This is because America is a newly established country with not very many wealthy people, and our company wants to show that we understand the position of our costumers. The two new locations will embrace the Renaissance style of architecture with Greek and Roman elements. This style places emphasis on symmetry, proportion, and geometry by using columns and pilasters, as well as the use of semicircular arches, and hemispherical domes. The high class appearance will not only attract middle and high class customers, but remind them of England by using popular architecture of this time period. Food Not only does CCC serve coffee, but we serve popular snacks as well. Common cakes, pies, and puddings are available to purchase along with coffee as well, bringing in extra profit. "The History Of Coffee." Web log post. - National Coffee Association. Ed. National Coffee Association. National Coffee Corp, n.d. Web. 1 Jan. 2013. <http://www.ncausa.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=68>.
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