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Eloisa Chapa

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Team Members Experiment and Data Materials Procedure Eloísa Chapa Ortiz
Melissa Chávez Esquivel
Alan Patricio Rodríguez S.
Emiliano Salazar Rdz.
Jorge Yahir Nava Loza Results Conclusion Colegio San Patricio
Science 2013 Greasy Potato Chips Abstract Introduction Purpose In order to live a healthy life we must consider the quality of food we are ingesting. Snacks have played a main role in childhood obesity. Our experiment looks for a way to find out which brand of potato chips has the highest level of grease by smashing the potato chips and placing them on a paper bag, an in a bowl with water. People buy potato chips and wonder about the amount of grease they are ingesting. Our experiment looks for a way to find out how greasy the different brands of potato chips are.
As we were making our experiment we found out that different variety of potato chips contain more or less grease. What kind or brand of potato chips are greasiest?
• 3 different Brand of chips.
• 3 bowls.
• 3 kraft (Brown) paper bags.
• water. 1.-) We crashed the potato chips.

2.-) We put 1/ 2 of it in the paper bag and the other half in the bowl of water.

3.-) We labeled each bowl and bag with a permanent marker.

4.-) We observed it and in the following day , we recovered the results.
In both experiments we got same results.
Paper bag with Thin H-E-B brand were the greasiest.
Grease would drip from the bag.
In the top of the water we could see a layer of grease on the Thin H-E-B brand.
Our hypothesis was incorrect we thought that Sabritas was the greasiest one.
We were surprised that the greasiest brand was thin HEB . Hypothesis We think that Sabritas will be the greasiest brand of potato chips. Thank you for coming
We hope you enjoyed it.
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