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There, Their and They're

A quick guide on how to use there, their and they're

jack gration

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of There, Their and They're

there, their
& they're? Do you know the difference between There This "there" is to show the place or position of something. 2.He lives near there. 1.Please go over there. Now write your own sentence
that uses this type of "there". Their This "their" shows that someone owns something. 1.They lost their tickets. 2.Their house was a
mess. Now write your own sentence
using this "their". They're This "they're" is a contraction of they are. 1.Hurry Up! They're shutting in a minute. 2. They're the best band in the world. Now write your own example of a
sentence using this "they're". How to check
you've got it right. 1. If you wrote there, will the sentence still make sense if you replace it with here? 2. If you chose their, will the sentence still make sense if you replace it with our? 3. If you used they're, will the sentence still make sense if you replace it with they are? We should go there one day. 1. We should go here one day.

2. We should go our one day.

3. We should go they are day. Using "here" make sense
so we should use "there". That is their pen. 1. That is "here" pen. 2. That is "our" pen. 3. That is "they are" pen. Using "our" make sense so
we should use "their". They're going to the shops. 1. "Here" going to the shops.

2. "Our" going to the shops.

3. "They are" going to the shops. Using "they are" make sense
so we should use "they're".
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