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Doctor who Prezi

No description

Sarah Fern

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Doctor who Prezi

Doctor Who
1963: First ever episode of Dr.Who
called An Unearthly Child was aired
with William Hartnel as the Doctor
William Hartnel
First Ever Tardis Takeoff
2013 Tardis
This Was The 1963 logo
Here is the Modern logo
The Doctor
Since 1963 there have been 11
Doctors each one with his own
personality. They were...
William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Syney Newman:
The Inventor of Dr.Who
John Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davidson
Colin Baker
Sylvester Mcoy
Paul Mcgann
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith
Daleks were
once humans
until they retreated into dalekainium shells and lost emotion
Daleks come in different colors. Such as,
and bronze
The Daleks helped destroy the Doctor's home planet Galifrey
The Daleks are a warlike
alien race from the planet
Skaro that desire nothing
more than to dominate and
exterminate others.
Weeping Angels
A video or a pic weeping angel
becomes an angel
The Weeping Angels don’t really kill a
person; instead, if one touches a person,
it sends them back in time so that it can
feed on the energy that is released by
this time transfer.
3 fun facts about weeping angels
When no one is looking,they can
be extremely fast which is why
when one is present don't blink
It’s not clear whether all Weeping Angels resemble
angel statues or if perhaps any statue could in fact
be revealed as a Weeping Angel, even if it did not
have an angel appearance.
The Silence
Even if you see a Silent, you won't know you've spotted it as Silence somehow edit themselves from an observer's memory. Glimpse one of these creatures and you may feel slightly unsettled the moment it's out of view, but you won't remember anything about it. If and when you next see a Silent you may have a flashback to your first encounter, but again, when the Silent is out of view your mind will not recall ever seeing the silence
The Silence were defeated when the Doctor ensured
the world saw footage of a Silent apparently ordering
people to attack them on sight. This 'command' acted
like a post-hypnotic suggestion and humans finally
turned on the aliens.
The Sontarans are a military oriented race who the Doctor has encountered numerous times on his travels. Warfare is as the very heart of their culture, with every aspect of their lives devoted to battle, having been locked in a never-ending war against their sworn enemy, the Rutans, for hundreds of thousands of years. Along with their potato-like appearance, they are also noted for all looking very similar due to the Sontarans reproducing through means of cloning.
The Nestene Consciousness is a disembodied being of pure psychic energy. The Nestenes have been colonizing planets for billions of years, traveling in hollow plastic spheres. The Nestenes have the ability to control plastic and utilize this to aid their invasion of a planet, primarily creating living plastic dummies known as Autons. The consciousness inhabited mannequins were the first villian the Doctor ever faced in the new seasons.
The Cybermen have gone on to become one of Doctor Who’s most popular monsters. Originating from Earth’s twin planet, Mondas, the Cybermen are a product of a race wishing to strengthen themselves using cybernetic means. After eliminating all emotion and inhancing their bodies with robotic parts, the Cybermen were born. Despite these attempts to upgrade themselves beyond their natural human form, they have number of weaknesses, most notably the element gold.
Rose Tyler
Martha Jones
Donna Nobles
Amy Pond
Rory Williams
Clara Owsald
Bow ties are cool!!!
So are fezzes
THE Enemy
The Cybermen
The End
The Companions
Watch Doctor Who or you
might end up like me!
The Tardis
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