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Book Trailer

No description

Carlos Gruss

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Book Trailer

A long, long, who- cares -how many- times-long ago, in a country called Araluen...
lived small and skinny boy called Will...
Will was a
(Not THAT skinny )
When a ward turned 15 they were assigned to a craftmaster as an apprentice.
There were 5 crafts to chose from:
Castle cook
Diplomat school
Horse training school
Courier (messenger) school
Will wanted to join battleschool, but he wasn't exactly muscled.
...then,a cowled figure steps out from the crowd surrounding the choosing
The battle school doesn't accept Will, he's a to small and thin to be a warrior.
Does Will have the skill to become a ranger?
Will was convinced that his father had been a great knight, and he wanted to follow his steps.
Meanwhile, while Will trains...
Does the Ranger corps have the skill and luck to save Araluen from this last
posed by the
Lord of rain and night?
A ward was an orphan whose
parents had died somehow because of their service to the Baron.(usually fighting)
Rangers were
and deputies of the king
Rangers were masters of bow and knives, they used them so well people thought they were
A war, they would act as scouts and military advisors
And says " I will take him as an apprentice, he will be a Ranger"
Want to know...

Carlos Gruss
Joe Rooney
Gian clerici
lurks in the impassable mountains....
Read the book...
Read the book...
Rangers Apprentice
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