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Demystifying Behavioral Interviews

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Transcript of Demystifying Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral Interviewing
You have been asked one if the question started with...
"A technique aimed at predicting a job candidate's suitability for a position based on his or her past workplace behavior" (SHRM-Society for Human Resources Management)
The interviewer asks the candidate to describe, in detail, how he or she handled specific situations in the past and the answers enable the hiring manager to learn the candidates capacity to handle similar situations in the new position
Employer's Goals
How do you problem solve
How would you react if the situation happened at their organization
How you react to challenges
What have you learned

What are Behavioral Interview Questions?
Tell me about a time when...
Think of a recent example of....
Tell me about an example of...
How would you handle a situation if....

Interview Challenges
Using the Behavioral Interview Practice list choose three questions to practice
Provide feedback using the evaluation guide

What if you can not think of an example?
What if that experience never happened to you?
What if you do not understand the question?
What if the interviewer only asks negative questions?

Summary of Learning

Toy L. Tavarez, M Ed
Senior Industry Consultant
800 21st St. NW, Suite 505
How did you reach accomplishments
How did you go above and beyond the call of duty
How did you overcome challenges
Critical thinking
Strategic thinking
Visionary thinking
Prepare to Respond by Telling your Story

Common Questions:
STAR Method
(Describe the specific situation)
(What approach did you use?)
(What action did you take?)
(What was the result of your action?)

Give an example of how you worked on team.
Have you handled a difficult situation with a coworker?
What do you do if you disagree with a co-worker?
Have you handled a difficult situation with a supervisor?
Have you handled a difficult situation with another department?
Have you handled a difficult situation with a client or vendor?
Always tell the truth
Never trash your last job or supervisor
Be positive
Remember the interview is a two-way conversation, make your answer no longer than two minutes
Remember they invited you to the interview

Remember To...
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