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Info on this powerful technique

carl dourish

on 16 July 2012

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Transcript of FasterEFT

Welcome to www.carldourish.com
FasterEFT was created by
Robert G. Smith
FasterEFT Belief system
1. Before you were born, the stage was set.
2 They (family) already had their skills
3 Birth! You enter the World.
4 From 'them' develop coping skills & perception
5 From experiences child develops self-identity within
6 Child will begin to operate within the World
7 Child begins asking 'WHY'
Why is why a bad question?
1 It gives excuses
2 It supports the problem
3 Knowing the cause, doesn't help to solve it
God's plan
I picked it
Life lessons
past lives
Bad karma
My past
What is the common theme here?
There is nothing I can do about it, It's
beyond my control. This is just how it is
and I'm stuck with this!
Had you not been born, how many problems would you have?
The cause of all problems is 'birth'
Why do we have problems?
1 Because we know how.
2 We create them from our thinking.
3 in order to have a problem you must do certain things
What is a belief
1 How do you know you have this problem?
2 When do you have it?
3 Where is your proof?
4 Maybe your making it up?
5 When do you have this problem? Internal representations.
6 Listen to problem & step into the structure of it.
The whole 'GOAL' of fasterEFT
is to change the structure of our
The memories are made up of these smaller pieces.
If we can change the interpretation of what these pieces
mean by changing the memory and clearing the emotional
charge, then we can remove the problem.
You can create a whole new 'YOU' by changing
how you HOLD you inside your mind. Changing you
Internal representations. memories are a reflection of your internal belief structure expressed as a metaphor
that represents who & how you are in the World
How do you Aim & Tap
The most powerful part of fasterEFT is 'aiming'
What is aiming? Notice how you know. Consciously noticing
an internal representation of a negative emotion or impression
within the body & mind. While tapping, the negative state will
move toward zero, then cross into a positive expression
1 When you are aiming, don't hold on to feeling
2 Greet it, identify it and notice how you know it
3 When you tap, focus on & feel where your fingers are tapping.
4 The reason is to pull out of the 'trance'
5 Say: Let it go, let it go, let it go,
Take a deep breath, blow it out & say 'peace'
6 Aim at it again, notice what's left? then go back & tap it out.
7 Don't stop until it is gone.
Why does tapping work
Meridian points represent our organs. Organs produce
chemicals & electrical impulses that create fight or flight
response. Stress & emotions are the expression of perceived
threats. The mind-body is ONE SYSTEM. The unconscious
is the storage house for every memory & every emotion we
have experienced & how to produce it in the body. The meridian
system is the communication highway to the organs, which produce feelings.

Tapping on the meridians disrupts the electrical/chemical system
breaking the emotional connection by working within the mind-body system. It disrupts stored emotions. It changes perception. Perception is the meaning we give, the interpretation we hold about something within ourselves.
To discover more about this


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