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Resolve Family Abuse Program: Boone and Clay County Outreach

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Danielle Mathes

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Resolve Family Abuse Program: Boone and Clay County Outreach

Court Advocacy
Support for the Victim
Emergency Shelter and Safety Planning
Community Education
Other Services
We offer multiple presentations to educate the community and other agencies on a variety of topics such as:

The Dynamics of Domestic Violence
Teen Dating Violence
Elder Abuse
Racial Justice
Bullying Prevention

Our advocates also provide emotional support for the victims

Many times a victim simply needs to know that someone cares and understands the situation that they're in

Resolve advocates are trained to understand the dynamics of domestic violence and help empower victims to make their own choices on what is best suited for their situation
The YWCA does operate an emergency shelter
Advocates may make referrals there if the client is fleeing her abuser and is in need of shelter

If the client is staying with her abuser or is staying somewhere close by with relatives or friends advocates can assist the client in safety planning
Through the YWCA we also have other services offered through our office in Charleston such as:
Clients who have experienced domestic violence may face many other issues as well

Advocates maintain relationships with other agencies to whom they may refer clients for additional services if needed
YWCA Resolve Family Abuse Program:

Boone & Clay County Outreach
24-hour crisis hotlines
Individual Counseling
Batterers Intervention Prevention Program (BIPPS)
Ending Violence Through Education Program (EVE)
Visitation and Exchange Center
Any further questions?
Call us at: 304-369-4189 (Boone) 304-587-7243 (Clay)
Crisis Lines: 304-340-3549 or 1-800-681-8663
Email: tmanns@ywcacharleston.org (Boone) mparilac@ywcacharleston.org (Clay)

Advocates are available to help clients navigate the court system
Advocates will help client file an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) which may be granted or denied in Magistrate Court
Hearings for DVPs are held in Family Court
Advocates can accompany clients into the hearings. The judge may or may not grant the DVP based upon the evidence presented
If the DVP is granted:
Client is granted protection from their abuser for a period of time as specified in their order

Clients can also apply for an extension of the order and a hearing will be scheduled

If the order is violated advocates can help the client file a contempt petition and a hearing will be scheduled for the contempt
If DVP is not granted or DVP expires and client is still in danger from abuser:
The client can file again with different evidence

Advocates can help the client to plan for their safety
Domestic Violence Petitions (DVPs)
The EPO grants immediate relief until the hearing for the DVP
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