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Occupations with the fastest growth

No description

Charles Herndon

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Occupations with the fastest growth

Dental hygienist
Occupations with the fastest growth
Dentist that teach people how to clean teeth. they also clean teeth.
They go to college for two years before they are able to work in a dentist office
Dental hygienist must be quick and accurate with there hands. They must be very organized
A Veterinarian is a person qualified to treat diseased or sick animals
They treat animals and find cures for diseased pets or animals
To become a vet you must be a major in biochemicals and have , much experience with animals
You must always have a passion for animals if you want to be a vet
(Dental hygienists, Veterinarians, Home Health Aid)
Faith perry
They are a dentist that specializes in cleaning and polishing teeth
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A dental hygienist makes $69,760 a year
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Faith perry
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Veterinarians make up to$91,250 dollars per year
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Home health aid
Faith perry
A person that provides supporting care and medical attention in a patients home
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Home health aids must assist a patient with there every day activities such as bathing or brushing there teeth
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There are no educational requirements but there are programs you can do to learn how to do the job
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To be a health care aid you have to be a very selfless person that is compassionate to help other people
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Health care aids make $20,820 per year
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