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Pablo Picasso: Greatest Artist of the 20th Century

Pablo Picasso: Greatest Artist of the 20th Century

Eliza Jouin

on 9 July 2010

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Transcript of Pablo Picasso: Greatest Artist of the 20th Century

Pablo Picasso:
Greatest Artist of the 20th Century

By Patricia A. MacDonald

Pablo Ruiz Picasso
Born to Don Jose Ruiz Blasco and Doña Maria
Don Jose was art teacher

Family moved to Barcelona
New inspiration The Burial Of Casagemas The Burial Of Count Orgaz By El Greco By Picasso In Paris

Got many francs
2 or 3 paintings a day


Moved often
Museums Painting picked up
Made fortune Cubism Start of cubism Cubism

Artist Georges Braque got interested
1910 internationally known though less than 30
Many variations
Collage cubism


Friends in army
Moved into suburbs
Painted realistically
Continued into postwar

Before WWII

Themes of pain and death
Went through personal crisis described as "a season in hell"
Paintings of women
Blue Period

Paintings became too unusual and powerful
Had very little money
Painted everywhere possible
Painted 'The Three Musicians'
Did not know what style to use

Spoke in favor of Republican cause
Government made him director of national museum, The Prado
Painted mural on the side of The Prado
Guernica Even though invited many times to go overseas to safety, Picasso stayed in Europe
Sculpted postwar sculpture 'Man with a Sheep'
Many artists showed the horrors of war Painted many paintings
Many rich and ornamented paintings include Cavalier with Pipe
Died in 1973
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