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Observing Bacteria & Blood

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Katie Sheroan

on 2 October 2014

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Transcript of Observing Bacteria & Blood

Observing Bacteria & Blood
The eveolution of microscopes
The 1500s brought science into a new era with the invention of microscopes. This groundbreaking development has opened a new scientific world making it possible to study objects 1500 times smaller than the naked eye can process. Today we'll dive into some microcrope study of our own!
1. Gain functional knowledge of microscope operations through practical applications in the observation of bacteria and blood.
2. Identify and observe various bacterial shapes and arrangements in a yogurt culture.
3. Identify and observe red and white blood cells in a blood smear
Microscope Terms
There are a great deal of terms associated with microscopy. We've included a few below:

Anatomy of a Microscope
Observing bacteria cultures in yogurt
Lab Procedure
-A thoroughly cleaned glass bowl was filled with a teaspoon of yogurt.
-It was covered and left in a dark warm area (cabinet above stove) for 25 hours.
Lab Procedure cont.
-A sample of the yogurt was placed on a clean slide.
-It was diluted with a small drop of water and covered with a slide cover.
Lab Procedure cont.
-The bacteria was viewed under 10x, 40x, amd 100x oil immersion.
- We then viewed the prepared bacteria slide under the same three magnifications.
10x Observation
40x Observation
100x Oil Immersion Observation
Lab Procedure cont.
Prepared yogurt slide 10x
Prepared yogurt slide 40x
Lab Procedure cont.
Careful observation
100x oil immersion observation
Yogurt bacteria Conclusions
The conclusions of our experiment can be accessed with the following link.

Preparing and Observing Blood
Blood Observation Procedure
-Hands were washed thoroughly and an alcohol prep was used.
-A lancet was used to poke the inside of the sterilized finger.
Blood Obs Procedure cont.
-Blood was placed on the clean slide.
-The cover slip was carefully placed with a sliding motion.
Blood Obs Procedure cont.
Blood was observed at 10x, 40x, and 100x magnification.
To the left you'll see 10x.
Blood Obs Procedure cont.
Blood sample 40x
Blood sample 100x oil immersion
Blood Observation Conclusion
The conclusions of the blood portion of this experiment cabe accessed with the link below.

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