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The Mixed-Up Chameleon- Words to Know!

A vocabulary mini-lesson for 2nd grade.

Andrea Wilson Vazquez

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of The Mixed-Up Chameleon- Words to Know!

The Mixed-Up Chameleon
By Eric Carle Important Words:
spotted Dull: not bright, not shiny

Example: I found a dirty, dull penny on the playground.

Which penny is dull? Which is shiny? Exciting: interesting and lively

Example: Riding the rollercoaster was very exciting!

Something exciting I have seen or done is________________. Sources:

Dull penny-

Shiny penny-


Frog Prince:

Birthday Cake: Taken by Jessica Diamond

Monkey: Taken by Eddie Van 3000

Night Sky:

Monarch Butterfly: Taken by Adam Sparks
http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3535/3925125840_7444bc47ec.jpg Handsome: good-looking

Example: The frog turned into a handsome prince.

What are some other words that mean the same thing as handsome?

Hardly: barely, almost not at all

Example: I could hardly wait for my birthday party to start.

What is something you can hardly wait for?
I can hardly wait for _________________. Sideways: from side to side

Example: The monkey looked all around for another apple-- up, down, and sideways.

Now you try it! Look up, down and sideways. Sparkling: shiny, bright

Example: When we went camping, we looked up and saw the sparkling stars every night. How could we use our hands to show sparkling stars? Spotted: saw

Example: I spotted a monarch butterfly landing on a purple flower. I spotted something purple in your classroom.
Can you guess what it was?
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