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Today I am starting my trip to Amelia, Umbria in Italy

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John Miller

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Today I am starting my trip to Amelia, Umbria in Italy

Amelia's Migration
By:Amelia Herrera
Today I am starting my trip to Amelia,Province of Terni,Italy from Hawaii
I have drove to Illinois and I am stopping at a friends house and staying the night. Tomorrow I am getting up bright and early to go to the airport to fly to Italy.
Stop 3 out of 4 is in Illinois
I have finally arrived in Italy were I am on my way to my new home in Amelia,Province of terni.
End of the trip
It is the year 2121 and I just can't stand living in Hawaii it is so tiny and I only have like 10 friends.There is like 50 people where I live and the neighbors are like 2 blocks away.
Landing in California
I have now landed in California from Hawaii and I have bought a car that drives it self. So now I am on my way to Chicago,Illinois.
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