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Hasbro Marketing Case

No description

Hailey Acton

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Hasbro Marketing Case

Skyfall Inc.
Leah Rettie
Janelle Gronotte
Branden Harder
Hailey Acton
Gun Taniguchi

TV and Cereal Box Ads (Grey Worldwide)

Option 1:
Option 2:
Our Recommendation
One Year Plan
1-3 months:
Create Advertisements

4-6 months:
Implement Ads & Create Stickers

7th month:

8-12 months:
Implement stickers & continue advertising

Reach large target market

Mini trailers provide background and excitement

Stickers and temporary tattoos are attractive to young children

Appeases to fantasy, competition and collection
Creating mini trailers are expensive

Targeted towards boys, so families with only girls are being missed

Some parents might not want to buy certain cereals for their children.
The excitement of a real life 'discovery' of the POX

Intriguing idea of the area 51 & government conspiracy

New and innovative

Creates an extensive fantasy world
Very expensive for a one time event

Risky- above the understanding of the target market
- may not understand the references

Parents may not approve of the content

Children might not find out about it, they do not watch news, no social media
Option 1:
National Media Buzz (Target Marketing & Promotions)
Option 2:
TV Advertisement
3 different commercials
Run during children's TV prime time
Cereal Boxes
Prizes of stickers and temporary tattoos inside
Implement into popular brands
Background Event
Take over a small town to be the discovery location
Government scientist discover the POX creature
Also have clips over focus group
Option 1:
Trying to enter a "mature" market has created high risk for the company
Age compression- kids are getting older younger, resulting in small age window for toys
Alternate options such as Wal-Mart and online retailers results in toy prices dropping
Game Boy dominates market with cartridge-based games
How to market POX to its utmost potential?

Risks and Mitigation
Risks involved are the possibilities of commercials not creating an impact and cereal promotions becoming irrelevant

If our ads do not reach the demanded markets through our one year plan, we will shift our focus to other products with high potential. Cut out all the POX related expenses and target more kids in existing products.
Will reach target sales as tween will be familiar with POX through TV ads and cereal promotions.
Plan will create the "wow" factor and surpass the popularity of Pokemon
Are able to access more resources with the budget provided
1999 - Sales Increase 28%
- Net Earnings Increase 30%
- Due to high performance of certain toys
2000 - Downturn in Sales
- Due to decrease in pokemon sales
- Unsuccessful attempt to adapt to the market towards technology

Developed new hand held game, POX, with "wow" factor
Children create their own creature by collecting parts in order to battle other players
Combines Important Concepts: Fantasy, Competition and Collecting
TV Advertisements: $1 million

Cereal Promotions: $ 400,000
60% : TV expenses for the 9 month advertising period
30% : Commercial designers, actors, camera man & video editor
10% : Equipment and location
40% : Contract with cereal companies
25% : Creating/designing stickers and temporary tattoos
25% : Materials/ supplies for stickers and temporary tattoos
10% : Shipment and transportation to cereal companies
TOTAL BUDGET: 1.4 million
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