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Ender's Game Fairyland

No description

Daniel Quinones

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Ender's Game Fairyland

Ender's Game Fairyland
By: Mattie Miller
and Daniel Q
Block 4
The Giant would symbolize the controlling people in his life, forcing him to make quick decisions, trying to challenge him and have him fail.

The well symbolizes his quench for thirst, but it's much deeper than that. He wants wisdom and freedom, but for now all he has is water.
The Well
The Wolves that the children change into are sybolic for the monster children such as Bernard and Bonzo. They are showing how Ender is distrusting of others.
The Acid River represents how even in something good, there can always be something bad. it also represents how things can sometimes not be what they seem.
River of Acid
The cavern is filled with jewels, food, and exotic animals and it would symbolize how you sometimes have to search for the good things that may be hiding.
With the beautiful view and how Ender reacts is symbolic. The cliff may be all the problems and isolation that Ender endures, or all the levels of the game he is forced to play.
Cliff Overlooking Terrain
The cloud that carries Ender past all the beautiful landscape could be symbolic for how Graff took Ender from his home and is isolating him.
The serpent that Ender kills and then sees Peter's relefection is symbolic for how he is acting gruesome like Peter. It also represents how he and Peter are both people seeking pain and gore like a snake.
Ender's Game Fairyland

The playground that Ender sees after finally entering Fairyland, is symbolic for his lack of an actual childhood. Ender was forced to grow up fast, and differently then other children. Like when he falls through the slide its like the childhood that was never really there.
The castle that the cloud brings Ender to is symbolic for his home and family problems. Usually things are locked away in castles, so it could also symbolize how he's been locked in the situations he faces, or that he is being kept away from his family.
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