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Operation Smile Vs. Smile Train


Emilie Higgins

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Operation Smile Vs. Smile Train

Why are clefts a global issue? Every 3 minutes a child is born with a facial deformity
1 in 10 won't survive to their first birthday.
Social implications
What are clefts? Their Purpose: Operation Smile and Smile Train are both world wide medical organizations that provide free reconstructive surgery to those who suffer from cleft lips and palates. Why don't they just merge?
Merger attempts:
2009 and 2011
Two main differences continue to prevent them from merging
Mission based vs. Locally based
Student Programs Similarities How Students Affect Non-profits Operation Smile vs. Smile Train: Shannon Abbott Emilie Higgins Nikki Keller Student Programs Alyssa Reyes College Programs Living Proof Nikki Keller Bess Preddy Kylie Ryan High School Programs Why does this matter? Operation Smile and Smile Train
Cleft repair
Top medical care
$240-$250 per surgery
The majority of the work is done by volunteers What is it? A program for students that promotes the following: Philanthropy
Awareness “Student philanthropy could be defined as a teaching and learning approach that integrates charitable giving with academic study, in order to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities” (Olbergding). Haley Oberhoffer "It’s the little things in life that make a difference, the things that change us. They are the things that make us step back and adjust our perspective on the world. Months have past, but the moment still remains so clear in my mind. My team and I were driving down the bumpy streets of Kisumu when we saw the hospital for the first time. As we hopped off the bus, our team’s biomedical engineer said, ‘The United States is a dream; this is reality’’’ (Oberhoffer). "[My mission] taught me that you have to take the initiative to do anything and everything you can to help people. It's easy to say that just a small medical team couldn't change anything but I realized just how little can change the life of someone forever. That entire experience is why I'm studying international affairs. I'm now crazy enough to believe I can be the difference in someone's life" (Preddy). "Seeing what a huge part doctors were on my Operation Smile medical mission to Me’kele, Ethiopia in 2012, and the level of change one person can make, made me certain that this is the path I want to take in the future"(Keller). Georgina's Story Creates a global community
Enriches the lives of students and patients
Benefits the organization
Brings a new energy Then why doesn't Smile Train have a Student Programs?

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International Student Leadership Conference (ISLC)
Medical missions
Executive Leadership Council (ELC)
College clubs
College Council Argument Student Programs has a mutual benefit for both Operation Smile and the student volunteers. Because of the way that Smile Train models their organization and holds their missions, having the same type of student involvement as Operation Smile would be impossible. However, were they to base a student programs off of Operation Smile while leaving out the mission aspect of Student Programs, they could have a highly effective and beneficial program that would not only increase their fundraising and awareness, but also enrich the lives of students through philanthropy. Alisha Gupta Megan Lloyd Operation Smile Alisha Gupta Bess Preddy Megan Lloyd Claire Crawford Alise Bailey Logan Disch Their Combined History Operation Smile founded in 1982 by Bill and Kathy Magee.
Brain Mullaney and Charles Wang volunteered for Operation Smile but then broke from them in 1996 to create Smile Train.
Since this event there has been some tension between these two organizations
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