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GE Proj


tony S

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of GE Proj

General Electric By: Tony Sepe Timeline Financials Video Research and Development Stake Holder Analysis Social Responsibility Mission/Vision Statement Risk Strategy Locations Employees 14 Headquarters in the United states
- 1 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
7 in Europe
3 in Asia
In more that 120 countries Over 300,000 employees
volunteer over 1 million hours of community service every year
1/4 of workforce is of minority
- 15 % of which are high Exec.'s
2009 started a Diversity Council
"My Early Health"
- Awareness to employee health Imagine: Do what has never been done

Solve problems: for customers, communities, and the company

Build: growth

Lead: Be the first to implement change Interests of Stakeholders Power of Stakeholders “make money, make it ethically, and make a difference”
Investing in clean energy ($6 B in R&D/yr)
CEO Jeff Immelt serves on Obama’s economic advisory board GE works with governments
Lower emission/higher efficiency tech
Water reduction goals
2004-2008 reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 13%
“Best Sustainability Report” Multi-stakeholder dialogues
Host meetings on energy change and human rights
Monitoring development of education
Helped found the United Sates Climate Action Partnership
GE has installed more than 8,700 wind turbines Smart Grid Likeliness of Coalitions Do No Harm/ Do Good
42 countries have GE Volunteer Councils
GE Code of Conduct-must be signed by employees
Employees asked to raise ethical concerns immediately
Integrity helpline
The Spirit and The Letter integrity report by GE 1876- Thomas Edison invented the first electric lamp. 1890- Thomas Edison established the Thomas-Houston Electric Co. 1892- Thomas Edison merged with shoe-maker Charles Coffin to make General Electric 1900 1910s- Electric cookware and heating units were debuted. 1910's 1908 GE Toaster 1920's 1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 1920s- Entered Healthcare industry with the x-ray technology as well as the establishment of the first radio station and television. 1930- GE Plastics department debuted. 1940's-1960's- Additions and Improvements to the kitchen 1970s- GE entered the digital age with fiber optics, microwaves, and computing. 1980s- GE works to establish television networks. 1990s-current – GE has focused itself on innovations in the healthcare industry. Q1 Profit of $2.3 billion
2009- $157 billion in revenue
Average Stock Price $19.04
Traded on 9 different stock exchanges internationally
2009 Forbes top 5 company Products & Services Appliances: Refrigerators, ACs, Dishwashers, Washers & Dryers, etc…

Aviation: GE90 Turbofan Engine, GE F110 Engine Line

Consumer Electronics: Digital Cameras, Telephones, small appliances

Also: Oil & Gas, Rail, Software, and Water Systems Healthcare: X-ray imaging technologies, surgical accessories

Lighting: Fluorescent, outdoor and automobile bulbs

Media & Entertainment: NBC Universal Electrical Distribution: Circuit breakers, Switchboards, Motors, Transformers

Energy: Emission control technologies, Solar panels

Finance – Consumer & Business: Mortgages, Loans, Operating Leases Market Share General Electric Market Share, selected industries

Appliances 25%
Aircraft Engines 45%
Lighting 21%
Steam Turbines 16%
Gas Turbines 50%
Diagnostic Imaging 34% Competition Siemens
- Headquartered in Germany, founded 1847
- Industry, energy, and healthcare sectors
- Headquartered in The Netherlands, founded 1891
- Healthcare, consumer lifestyle, and lighting sectors GE In The News December 2009: GE sells majority stake in NBC to Comcast

Joint Venture: Comcast – 51%, GE – 49%

Comcast pays GE $13.75 billion and brings TV networks

“We are positioning the company for a reset world with an industrial business.” - Jeff Immelt April 2010: - NBC drags down GE Q1 Results

GE posts 32% drop in earnings
“NBC was a drag on margins overall.” – Immelt
Winter Olympics and Conan April 2010: New turbine plans
4-megawatt gearless wind turbines

For offshore use (beginning in 2012)

Meant to challenge Siemens Well diversified portfolio- broad spectrum of risk
Data driven approach
10,000 Risk and Asset Employees globaly
Guidelines and standards • GE Global Research
• GE’s Business Division
• Technology Organizations

• Global Research LocationsHeadquarters (new York)
• John F. Welch Technology Centre, Bungalore
• China Technology Center, Shanghai
• Global Research- Europe, Murich Issue Management •Welch Effect
- The Candor Effect
1.) Involve people in conversation
2.) Generate Speed
3.) Cuts Costs

Corporate economy exists to enrich the owners
Government/Political Aspects •Market Watch 2009
- Partnered with Government
- Plan?
- Shrinking GE Capital
- Infrastructure at the top
~ Drivers Gov't / Political Aspects Ecomagination •GE’s Commitment
- Groen Revenues
- Invest in R&D
- Reduce water and Improve water use
- Reduce GHG Emmissions
- Engage the Public

•Impact: Water, Industry, Energy, Investment, Climate The End
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