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Elementary Education

Career project- elementary school teacher

Rebecca Holder

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Elementary Education

By: Rebecca Holder Elementary School Education WHAT IS IT? sALARY? An elementary school teacher is a person who teaches pupils in a public or private school at the elementary level (K-5) with basic academic, social, and other formative skills. Teachers are responsible for children, so they must enforce reasonable rules. Believe it or not, the basics of chemistry are taught in elementary schools today. You would think that chemistry is a high level subject, which is true, but it can be simplified into a very basic study. Therefore, teachers are required to at least have a general idea of what chemistry is, why it’s important, and how to approach the subject. HOW DOES IS RELATE TO CHEMISTRY? WHAT IS REQUIRED? Once you are a teacher, it is a pretty stable job. Especially once you’ve been teaching for ten years because then you can no longer be fired unless the reason is extreme. (NC) However, there is always the possibility that you can get laid off or fired because of things like budget cuts, causing schools to limit the money they pay their employees, causing them to have to cut down on teachers. With that being said, just because it isn’t easy to lose the job, they are definitely hard to get. Not many schools have openings for new teachers. HOW STABLE IS THE JOB? Many people considering the teacher career are worried with the fact that teachers aren’t paid that well. Sometimes that is true, but sometimes it isn’t. The average salary for a normal elementary school teacher is $52,840/yr. which really isn’t a bad amount of money.
Fun Fact: Nassau, NY provides their elementary school teachers with an average salary of $90,560. (The highest salary in US) There are many requirements for being an elementary school teacher. Some are before you can become one, and some are while you are one.
To become: You must have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, which consists of classes such as core subject classes, classroom management and teaching method courses, etc.
While you are: You must be licensed, have a clean criminal record, have continuing education, etc. EMPLOYMENT OPTIONS It’s pretty self explanatory that you could be hired at any elementary school, public or private.
You could also use your education to home-school children at the elementary level. WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY LIKE? A typical day for teachers is rather hectic for the most part! They must get up early and get to school on time, usually at least 30 minutes before the students in order to have time to prepare for the day. They have to make sure that the kids are doing what they’re supposed to, and handle any issues there may be. They have to make sure to teach everything that they are supposed to, and be careful to make sure every kid is learning the information. If not, they must help the kid to better understand what’s going on. The school day is hectic! After school is over for the day, the teacher usually has to grade papers and begin preparing for the next day. They get an early start and a late ending. THE BEST AND WORST PART “The best part of my job is the feeling you get when the kids show that they have learned something, and summer break!”
-Roxanne Myers
“The worst part of my job is the low pay, so many meetings, and paperwork.”
-Roxanne Myers JUST A LITTLE MORE “I chose teaching because I've always loved working with kids. Even in high school, I taught Sunday school and Bible school.”
-Roxanne Myers
“I only recommend teaching if you really like kids and can survive on the low income.”
-Roxanne Myers THE NUMBER ONE THING “Volunteer in a class before you decide. The expectations of teachers are constantly being increased and that includes workload.”
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