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Malcolm X

No description

Dave McPherson

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Malcolm X

Malcolm X
By Ben Morgan

Occupation and Civil rights movement
Malcolm was a civil rights activist and a minister. Malcolm X traveled alot with religious groups, to live a life of peace. He wanted blacks to be more active and less non-violent in their fight for civil rights.
Malcolm X was shot 15 times at Manhattan's ballroom on February 21, 1969. He is buried in Ferncliff cemetery in Hartsdale, New York.
Malcolm's accomplishments
Malcolm X made several books, documentaries, and movies.
Malcolm didn't have a very good childhood. His family got many death threats, and his house got burned down. That tragedy made their family split up. Malcolm X lived with eight children!
Birthplace and Time
Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19,1925.
Malcolm X's death
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