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Copy of ppt for inter clg

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Nikhil Bhagia

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of ppt for inter clg

Worldwide 45million people are blind.
12 Million of them live in India.
Over 80% of this blindness is curable.
Aravind Eye Care Hospital is the most productive eye care unit in the whole WORLD!!!
Aravind was started with an infinite vision to eradicate blindness.
Today, Aravind is more than an eye hospital. It is a social organisation committed to the goal of elimination of curable blindness through comprehensive eye care services.
It is also an international training centre for ophthalmic professionals and trainees who come from within India and around the world.
It is an institute for research that contributes to the development of eye care and to train health-related and managerial personnel in the development and implementation of efficient and sustainable eye care programmes.
Aravind also is a manufacturer of world class ophthalmic products available at affordable costs through the Aurolab.
Aravind keeps its surgical equipment in operation 24 hours a day, which reduces the cost-per-surgery.
Seventy percent of his patients are charity cases; the remaining 30% seek him out and pay for his services because the quality of his work is world-class
At aravind, every patient who can pay, pays for 2 patients who cannot.
At the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India, 82-year-old Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy has solved the mystery of leadership:
He brings eyesight to the blind and light to the soul.
"In America, there are powerful marketing devices to sell products like Coca-Cola and hamburgers," he says. "All I want to sell is good eyesight, and there are millions of people who need it." The idea for Aravind was born from that vision of McDonald's.
"If Coca-Cola can sell billions of sodas and McDonald's can sell billions of burgers," asks Dr. V., "why can't Aravind sell millions of sight-restoring operations ?
Dr. V
Dr. V had no slate or pen or paper in his childhood…he learnt to write on sand.
"He would say, Here is the soul who has got all the simplicity of confidence who says ‘Doctor whatever you say, I accept it.’ They have an implicit faith in you and then you respond to it."
Rheumatoid Arthritis
" Holding a pen was difficult. It took me some years to pick up surgery. "
NO special instruments. The instruments that every doctor uses, he used to use, but @ a different angle. And his surgery was so perfect.
Early Days
Like every organisation, aravind too, had to face challenges. Had to pledge gold to give money to labourers. Initially, a lot of financial problems creeped up. They Mortgaged their home and built the hospital buiding.
His family=initial team
In early 1990s, there were no articifial lenses available in india, we had to import lenses, we had to import it from the west, @ that each lens was costing around 200USD. They were not affordable in most developing countries. So, we deviced our own methods of making lenses of the international standard. And we succeded to sell them @ 5USD.piece. Today, we are manufacturing many opthamal products and export them to around 85 countries. [Cost reduction of 97.5%, while maintaining quality]
Provided sight to
“3 million”
people per year !
Assuming each one having a family of 4, they made 12MILLION people
HAPPY !!! =) .... and counting . . .
He is the most admired cataract surgeon in india.
Guess what !!!!!

Aravind accepts no government grants. The hospitals are totally self-sustaining. And Dr. V. lives on his pension. "There is not one rupee that he takes out of Aravind

Padma Shri
International Blindness Prevention Award, American Academy of Ophthalmology, 1993
Helen Keller International Award, 1987
WHO Award for Health for All
Academy International Blindness Prevention Award
International Social Entrepreneurship Award
Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic.
Raja-Lakshmi Award for the year 2001 from Sri Raja-Lakshmi Foundation, Chennai.
Lifetime Service Award from the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, 1982
Harold Wit Lectureship, Harvard Divinity School, 1991
Pisart-Lighthouse for the Blind Award, 1992
Susruta Award, Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology, 1997.
World Telugu Federation honoured him in the year 2000.
Dr.B.C.Roy Award – 2001
Before being an entrepreneur:
1945 Joined the Indian Army as physician.

1948 Retired due to rheumatoid arthritis.Studied diploma and masters degree in ophthalmology.

1955 Was appointed as the HOD of ophthalmology at the Government Madurai Medical College, and an eye surgeon at the Government Erskine Hospital at Madurai. Held these posts for 20 years.
Produces 700,000 lenses per year, a quarter of which are used at Aravind.
The rest are exported to countries all over the world

Aravind also is a manufacturer of world class ophthalmic products such as intraocular lenses, spectacle lenses, optical lenses, suture needles, cataract kits and hearing aids available at affordable costs through the Aurolab.

The company turns a profit of thirty percent on its investment. With the revenue stream produced by Aurolab
The leadership team consists of 10 people now.

AEH succeeded in building the capacity of over 200 eye hospitals located all over India

Soon it will provide management services to eye-hospitals across the globe.

Vision to remove blindness by 2020
The Road Ahead.
Lessons from Dr. V’s Life:
Decentralisation of authority. He believed in giving away things and hence, gained so much.
Dreaming BIG. REAL BIG. Aiming to eradicate blindness.
Always eager, and ready to learn. He took the McD concept and applied it to Eye Care. I guess most of the ideas come from been open-minded about things. Henry Ford – Chicken.
Participative management. It wasn’t Dr. V’s hospital. It was, and is People’s hospital. Villagers used to voluntarily send girls who used to get trained for nursing.
It’s never too late.
Simplicity, and humbleness.
Purity of thought, simplicity of confidence and action, dedication towards one aim.
Visions. Living beyond ‘I, Me, Myself’
Most important and most impressive lesson. They didn’t rely on donation. They ended up devicing a beautiful system which is all ‘WIN-WIN-WIN’. Manufacturing lenses themselves, conducting so many operations, training ophthalmologists, nurses doing most of pre-op and post-op stuff increasing doctor’s efficiency, addressing hurdles by providing free commuting and accommodation to poor patients, charging those who can pay giving same quality of treatment to both. . . and many more…… such ingenuine systems are a result of clear vision, will and dedication towards their goal.
Self Sustained
Its hospitals saw 1.2 million blind patients and performed 183,000 cataract surgeries.
Dr. V.'s extended family visited 1,488 villages to run diagnostic eye camps
• The hospital is named after Sri Aurobindo.
• From April 2009 to March 2010, Aravind treated 2.5 million out-patients and performed over 300,000 surgeries for poor Indians.
• Mission of the hospital was “to eradicate blindness” .
AEH has given sight to more than 3 million people. Assuming a family of 4 it means AEH made 12 million people happy!!!!
The "most admired cataract surgeon" in India
Performed 1lakh sucessful surgeries till date
Degrees earned

Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from American College in Madurai in 1938

Doctor of Medicine from Stanley Medical College in Madras in 1944

Doctor of ophthalmology at the Government Ophthalmic Hospital in Madras in 1951

Honorary Doctorate from University of Illinois, 1985
1st move
A question that may have arrived in ur supermind....

How does AEH provide free cataract operations to the poor while still earning a profit ???
Aravind provided free eye care to two-thirds of its patients from the revenue generated from its one-third paying patients.
Also, doctors focus only on performing surgery, and nurses handle pre-op and post-op care, which increases doctor productivity. These actions allow the company to give away free surgeries to the poor while still earning a profit.
How is AEH finance raised?
The company turns a profit of thirty percent on its investment. With the revenue stream produced by Aurolab
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