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Career Assigment *Makeup Artist*

This is a career to do with are that I am intrested in.

krista gallant

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Career Assigment *Makeup Artist*

Krista Gallant
Career Assignment Make Up Artist Level 2 • Training or experience in cosmetology or special effects makeup
• A makeup kit
Responsibilities are Cleaning up after the people you work with,
Free Lance Make up artist
$25,000 to $65,000 a year
creating and designing special effects makeup; making detailed sketches, sculptures,
and moulds for special effects prosthetic for film and television LEVEL 1 Assistant Makeup Artist Local Makeup Artists There is lots of makeup artists on PEI. A couple are Savannah Belsher-MacLean
Andrea Peters-Gallant
Melissa Hotte Opportunities In PEI All woman are always going to look for a makeup artist all over Prince Edward Island. So pretty much anywhere in PEI you put your shop you will get customers if your good. Or even if you can travel to where people want it done. Just have to charge extra. Proms, wedding party's, Halloween, kids birthdays or other special occasions would be when you would get the most business. High school and also college
\technical training
-Make up Artistry
-Esthetics and Skin Care

-High school classes
you should take is
Social Studies
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts
Fashion Job description What you do day to day is, do makeup.
Ether you have your own shop at your house or work for TV shows. You got to put makeup on them how they want it. Or if they change the lighting you have to change there color of makeup. Another thing they do is if they need to look like they have black eyes, scars, older, etc.
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