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Product Analysis

No description

Harry Staley

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Product Analysis

Product analysis Television Types of Materials used In a television there are many different materials, whether its the outer casing- mainly plastic- or the wires- copper-, for example to make the plug you need:
Tough plastic or rubber(casing),
a mold(to get the right shape),
Flexible plastic(outer casing of wire)
and copper(wire). How the machine is made Housing
Almost all television housings are made of plastic by the process of injection molding, in which precision molds are made and liquid plastic is injected under high pressure to fill the molds. The pieces are released from the molds, trimmed, and cleaned. They are then assembled to complete the housing. The molds are designed so that brackets and supports for the various components are part of the housing. What it can do A television is made mainly to entertain families by showing pre-recorded or live videos with sound. Sound and picture and sound qualities can change depending on price or company. What technology it has In the many years the television has been around only ONE thing has stayed the same, the screen. Alright, maybe you have been able to get color rather than black and white at one point there is still a picture streaming from the TV company to your television.
3D television
High Definition TV (HDTV)
Liquid crystal display television (LCD)
Remote controls
Web TV Sound
The housing also contains fittings for speakers, wiring, and other parts of the audio system. The speakers are usually made by a specialized manufacturer to the specifications of the television manufacturer, Screen
The television picture tube, or cathode ray tube (CRT), is made of precision glass that is shaped to have a slightly curved plate at the front or screen. It may also have a dark tint added to the face plate glass, either during production of the glass or by application directly to the inside of the screen. Darker face plates produce improved picture contrast.
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