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M.S. in Leadership

No description

Jen Cunningham

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of M.S. in Leadership

M.S. in Leadership
Creighton University

Project Background
Focus Groups
Findings & Conclusions
Recommendations & Expected Benefits
Anthony Bemboom
Katie Cullen
Jen Cunningham
Crystal Edwards
Westin Givens
Erika Kirby, Ph. D.
Veronica Lawrence
Tadd Martin
Daniel Moreno
Tammy Potter
Todd Schuler
Kate Vazquez
Conducted an initial client meeting with Isabelle Cherney and Mary Chase on 10/22/2013 in an effort to understand the vision and format of the M.S. in Leadership (bridge the BILS and Ed. D. in Leadership)
Specific concerns the client requested we address:
General reactions to vision, format and outcomes
Feelings around the different specialty areas
Feelings surrounding the naming of the degree
Interdisciplinary, integrated, etc.
Feasibility and attractiveness of a 5-year Master's program
Reaction to the program being an online format
Perception on how to assess what constitutes prior learning
Thoughts on how long it would take to complete the degree
Barriers that may prevent enrollment
Five Focus Groups were conducted and transcribed
Healthcare & Human Services (4)
Military (5)
Non-Profits (6)
Freshman Leadership Program Students (7)
Employers/Career Specialists (5)
A common Focus Group protocol was developed between COM463 and the Planning Committee
Each Focus Group had its own set of specialized questions geared toward their area of expertise
Data was collected and thematized based on responses to the common questions as well as the specialized questions
Designed to address the attractiveness of a 5-year Masters Program in Leadership for Creighton Students
Distributed survey via BlueQ to all first and second year students across colleges as provided by the registrar
180 completed responses
Female - 113 (62%)
Male - 67 (38%)
Arts & Sciences - 111 (62%)
Business - 51 (28%)
University College - 18 (10%)
Online Classes Taken to date
None - 130 (72%)
One - 25 (14%)
Two - 10 (5.5%)
Three - 2 (1%)
Four or more - 13 (7.5%)
Utilized descriptive statistics as provided within Blue Q
Vision & Format
Prior Learning
Specialty Areas
5 Years to Masters Survey
Creation of moral and ethical leaders
Online, the new standard in education
Values of the program itself
Overall support for tracks
Additional clarity needed
Additional tracks suggested
Political Sciences
After looking over the potential format, a Master’s in Leadership program sounds attractive to me
Strongly Agree or Agree = 85.2%
Strongly Disagree or Disagree = 6%
After looking over the vision statement, a Master’s in Leadership sounds attractive to me
Strongly Agree or Agree = 83.1%
Strongly Disagree or Disagree = 4.5%
How likely would you be to enroll in an 18-hour Leadership Minor if one were developed
Very Likely/Likely = 61%
Very Unlikely/Unlikely = 18.1%
How likely would you be to attend Creighton online for one additional year in order to achieve your Master’s in Leadership degree
Very Likely/Likely = 57.8%
Very Unlikely/Unlikely = 23.9%
I would prefer a more general Master’s in Leadership (rather than having a specialty area)
Strongly Agree/Agree = 48.3%
Strongly Disagree/Disagree = 22.8%
I think obtaining an online Master’s Degree in Leadership at Creighton would positively affect my leadership abilities and benefit me personally beyond what I could achieve with my Creighton undergraduate degree alone
Strongly Agree/Agree = 86.1%
Strongly Disagree/Disagree = 22.8%
I think obtaining an online Master’s Degree in Leadership at Creighton would benefit me professionally beyond what I could achieve with my Creighton undergraduate degree alone
Strongly Agree/Agree = 88.4%
Strongly Disagree/Disagree = 4.4%
Feedback on Specialty Areas
Proof of experience
Presentation, reference letters, testimonials, certificates, etc.
Experience based learning is beneficial
Not everything can be taught in a classroom
Creighton should control acceptance or denial of prior learning credit using predetermined creitera
Development of future leaders
Online Format
Largely misunderstood
Very specific academic meaning
Public may not understand the term
Vague to employers
Means different things to different people
Brings it all together
Corporate culture is familiar with this term
Visionary Leadership
Collaborative Leadership
Ethical Leadership
Executive Leadership
Incorporate the specialty area name into the title
Key Theme:
Keep it simple
May not need any other descriptive words other than "Leadership"
Encourage the program
Applicable to many areas
Want to know more
Would like to see the program in action
Change the paradigm that the MBA is our pat answer
Recommendations and Expected Benefits
Ability to decelerate for active duty or other life commitments
Online with options
Residential week
Synchronous component
WebEx, Skype, etc.
Maintain flexibility
What can be done about the cost?
Completion timeline
18-24 months seems reasonable
Reconsider if the tracks are necessary
If so, are the four that are currently slated, the correct ones?
Prior learning
Guidelines and controls
Cap for how many prior learning credits can be earned
Students must make a case for their prior learning credits
Be explicit about what the prerequisites for the degree are
Move forward with planning
Format as thinking
Do not use interdisciplinary
Integrated seemed acceptable
Visionary, collaborative, ethical and Jesuit values were prevailing language suggestions
Specialty could be a tagline
Use the Jesuit language in courses and materials
Include in marketing plan
Communication Consulting - COM463
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