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No description

Ahmed El-Sebakhy

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of EL NASR Car

-Attain Spot with more than 4 factories and over 4000 employee
-Rank as #1 manufacturing company in Egypt
-Introduce new car models
-building efficiency ( Logistics )
-Low Manufacturing Cost
-increase Market Share to 10%
Market Analysis
Marketing Mix Strategy
1- Steady increase in sales as company Customer Base Grow
2- Initial marketing expense must be high ( Max 10% of Tot. Sales)
Break Even Analysis
Company must produce 20,000 car at average $10,000 per car
Marketing Strategy
1- marketing Budget Not exceed $10,000,000 per year
2- marketing Promotions will be consistent with the mission statement supporting 3 objectives....
Sales Strategy
1- training for sales team
2-Salesmen will be paid a portion of the salary based on the commission
3- good performance is reward with increased commission and bounces
Sales Program
1-Sales awards for employees who commit to customers
2- Sending employees to a training every 3 months
Stratigic Alliance
Depending on:
1-Car dealers and auction houses
2-financial relation
3-outside sources
Sales Forecast
1-We expect sales to increase at a slow rate in the first year
2- we estimate earning from selling extended warranties and loans
Expense Forecast
Sales Metrics
Marketing Metrics
Customer Metrics
Long Term Goals
4 Points From September to December
Yearly cycle from 1st of Jan to 30th of Dec.
Target marketing & Positioning
- Males and Females
-Ages 18-50
-Lower to Up middle class
-20% of cars are 1300cc or less
-Low Fuel Consumption
-Low Cost for spare parts
-locally assembled
Product Features and benefits
-Smaller and More Sporty Frame
-Diff. range of Colors
-Air Conditioning
-Tire Pressure update
- USB port in dash
-Cup Holders
-Power Windows
Luxury Features
-Larger Stock Rims
-Driver & passenger Air bags
-Dual Sunroof
-Leather Seats
- >13 dealers and show rooms
-Easy accessible area for all consumers interested
- Print ADs
-TV Campaign
PPl Strategy
- Precise staff and community
-Appropriate interpersonal Skills
-Service Knowledge

Process Strategy
- Raising Costumer awareness of Nasr 127
-Gaining interest in the benefits of Nasr
-Making costumer try Nasr 127
-Retention Services
-Customer Loyality
Target Market
-Demographic Profile

Marketing Objectives
- Repositioning
-Market penetration

Mission Statement
We are the first car production company in the Middle East, we make cars that are affordable, heavy duty and up to date with rapidly changing car technology today to middle classed people, we do so by considering our suppliers, employees and customers as our partners in success. We aim to take on the market by our sustainable growth to becoming one of the biggest car makers in the region.
Future Plan
Marketing Analysis
Marketing Mix
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