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Rocks and Their Benefits to Mankind

Basically, rocks and their many uses for mankind and mankind's development.

Emily D.

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Rocks and Their Benefits to Mankind

By: Emily D. Rocks and their benefits to Mankind Quick! Think of 5 things that rocks are used in.... Introduction: Rocks are used in everyday use, such as building materials, electronics, and everyday items.

Rocks have become an important recourse in our everyday lives. Almost everything now has some sort of rock or mineral in it. Rocks in Everyday Use: Rocks are even used in the medical field. Many medicines today have some form of rock or mineral in them.

Some rocks have medical uses to help our bodies function properly. Rocks in Medical Uses: We have already been shown a lot of examples were rocks have been used in everyday life. Well, there are still a few to consider when we thing about how rocks have been used as well as how they are beneficial in everyday life.

These a a few....unusual uses that rocks have been used in. Rocks in Unusual Uses: Thanks for listening! :D The End!! What did you think of? Did you think about the rocks that pave your driveway? Or the beautiful rocks that are in your jewelry?

Rocks have man different purposes. The purpose of my report is to show how rocks have been an important part in mankind. Let me show you some examples of how exactly they really do that: Rocks in Building Materials: Lately, many houses are now being built of some sort of rock.
Granite is an example. Many houses now have granite topped counters. Granite is an important rock that has been used for building for centuries.
Slate is another. The tiling on many old houses is slate, and was used as tiling before a better alternative was chosen.
Gypsum, a mineral found in many rocks, is actually used in the building of walls, as drywall. Many Rocks are used in Everyday Items too.
Quartz is used in glasses. Quartz, being found in sand, is melted down to create glass.
Slate comes back again as something used in everyday items. The chalkboards that are around the rooms are made of large tablets of slate.
Salt too! Salt is a mineral made from sodium and chlorine, but it is essential in everyday life. Rocks in Everyday Items: Rocks in Electronics: Rocks, more or less the minerals in them, are used in making our electronics function correctly.
Lithium is a mineral that is used in the production of batteries. It is now known as a better substitute for the original type of batteries.
Silica,a mineral commonly found in quartz and sand, is used in the creation of computer chips.
Copper is a common mineral used in the creation of electric cables. Rocks are used in everyday medicine, some of them we already know about.
Everybody knows what Pepto-Bismol is, right? Well, the mineral Bismuth is used in this medicine.
Sulfur, another mineral, has been known to be used as a way to treat skin ailments. Rocks in Everyday Medicine: Like medicines, rocks are in use as medical equipment in hospitals.
The Casts that you wear when you break a bone has a specific mineral in it. This is where gypsum returns, the same mineral used in making your walls is used in making your cast.
Mercury, a mineral found in Cinnabar, is used in thermometers. As the mercury warms, it expands, causing it to give you an accurate temperature. Rocks in the Hospital: There are also many other medical uses for rocks. Some are even in the dental field.

The fillings you have to get have minerals in them. The compound amalgam, used in making the fillings, has mercury in it. As well as gold, which is used in fillings as well. It is strong and it does not rust.
Radiation shielding, though sometimes not used within the medical field, is used during surgery to protect others from any radiation given during a procedure. Rocks in other Medical uses: Rocks have editable uses too. Some even surprised me!
Salt, once again, is one of the editable minerals of rocks that we use in a lot of out foods.
This one even surprised me. BREAD has minerals in it too, to give the bread a different texture and taste.. Salt is one of these. Rocks in Editable Uses: Though many of you probably know this, rocks are in your makeup.
Clay is made up of rocks and their minerals. Clay is sometimes used to help the skin.
Mica is one other. It is usually found in natural mineral foundations. Rocks in Cosmetics: And finally, throughout time, people have found rocks to have "magical" properties. Here are a few notable ones:
Rock Crystals, or Quartz, was said to represent purity. Anyone who wore something made of Rock Crystals would be given good luck and removes stress.
Opal was thought to cure people of disease and promote intuition. Rocks in Magic: Granite Gypsum Bismuth Salt Cinnabar Rock Crystals Slate
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