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social studies

About the maya, aztec and inca.

jada schroeder

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of social studies

Maya Would have parties. Towers are 230 feet tall. Has flat places. Some of the places were decorated. Toweres are 230 feet tall. Would have tool makers. Some places were decorated. They found 90 bones, 4 had incised science picturing death. Glypes were carved into stone. Would always attend to there leader. Aztec, Incas, and Maya's By: Jada Schroeder Incas Popping popcorn 5,000 years ago The emperor was very powerful About 1200 B.C. people lived at the top of the world doing work. The roads were 250 yards long There was doctors that would help people when they were only hurt Barried a skeletion with gold and jewles.
The most common food is peppers, corn, and over 200 potatoes. Aztec They got there food from gardens Most people were farmers There were no sheep, cows, or horses. They became very powerful from gold. Make stone buildings. They would work long hours every day. In 1519 Aztec were donated to China. Many people needed working areas The main tool is a long stick They had tall pyramids
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