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End of April by Phillis Levin

No description

Melody Satele

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of End of April by Phillis Levin

Theme of the Poem
Speaker is more or less depressed for majority of the poem, sees things in a pessimistic way
Questions everything and doesn't know what to believe or that anything is real anymore
As poem progresses, speaker is finally able to move forward from what happened in the past, though it will forever leave a psychological scar that will never heal
Recover from the loss and move on
End of April by Phillis Levin
Melody Satele

Type of Poem
Literary Device: Imagery
Imagery is used in literary work to describe something visually or descriptively
"kneeling in the grass, among fallen blossoms"
"it was glistening, hollow, perfect shell"

Biographical Information
Born in Peterson, New Jersey
Attended Sarah Lawrence College and John Hopkins University
Author of four volumes of poetry: Temples and Fields, the Afterimage, Mercury, and May Day
Recipient of the Poetry Society of America’s Norma Farber First Book Award, the Ingram Merrill Grant award, Fulbright Scholar Award, etc
Currently 60 years old (May 18th,1954)
Under a cherry tree
I found a robin's egg
Broken, but not shattered

I have been thinking of you
and was kneeling in the grass
among the fallen blossoms

When I saw it: a blue scrap
a delicate toy, as light
as confetti

End of April by Phillis Levin
It didn't seem real,
but nature will do such things
from time to time

I looked inside:
it was glistening, hollow,
a perfect shell

except for the missing crown
which made it possible
to look inside
What had been there
is gone now
and lives in my heart

where, periodically,
it opens up it's wings
tearing me apart
Personal Opinion

Literary Device: Simile/Metaphor
Literary Device: Symbolism
broken robin's egg represent the lost and broken relationship
"What had been there is gone now and lives in my heart where, periodically, it opens up it's wings tearing me apart."
Even after moving on, negative feelings will always be there and have become a part of the speaker
"It didn't seem real, but nature will do such things from time to time."
Human nature, how we lie and make things seem like they mean the world to us when in reality none of it really meant anything
Person walking through the park when they come across a robin's egg. Though the mother robin who left the egg there would have been nowhere near that area because once the egg hatches and the chick comes out, the mother robin will take the remaining pieces of the egg and drop them somewhere far off from the home so not to attract predators towards their nest. The civilian happened to have come across the egg and marveled at it's beauty to the point where they didn't know if it was even real or not. The robin that lived in there is now flying off and spreading it's wings across the open sky.
My interpretation was that the speaker was talking about their past self, not about a loss.
Dealing with the fact that the speaker is no longer the person they had been before
A part of them is no longer what it once was and they can't help but notice that and feel all these negative emotions towards themselves
Unique and took a different perspective on how to view loneliness and relate it to other worldly ideas.
Using an object or word to represent an abstract idea
Robin's egg: speaker's heart, "broken but not shattered"
Born robin: person she lost, "what had been there is gone now and lives in my heart
Simile is the comparison of two unlike things using the words "like" or "as"
Compares robin's egg to confetti, it is light and gentle
"When I saw it: a blue scrap, a delicate toy, as light as confetti"
Metaphor is comparison of two unlike things without "like" or "as"
Compares robin's egg to a toy, it is fragile and easily broken
Narrative poem: tells a story through the use of the character and has an overall meaning behind it
Structured into stanzas of three lines each
Comma at the end of at least one line in each stanza
Told from 1st POV
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