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Animal Cell Amusement Park

No description

Hillary Simon

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Animal Cell Amusement Park

Six Cells Amusement Park Where you will
take a roller
coaster ride
through the parts of the cell! Nucleus Powerhouse of the cell.
Contains DNA. The nucleus is like the weather
because it controls whether the
park is open or not. Nucleolus The nucleolus assembles ribosomes The mitochondria provides energy. picture of mitochondria The mitochondria is like
the food stations because
it gives the people energy
to go on rides and tour the park. Cytoplasm The cytoplasm is a region between the nucleus
and the cell membrane. picture of cytoplasm The cytoplasm is like the bolts
in the roller coaster because they
hold the roller coaster together. picture of bolts Endoplasmic
Reticulum The endoplasmic reticulum
transports. picture of er The endoplasmic reticulum is like
the roller coaster carts because they
transport you through the ride. picture of roller coaster cart Chloroplast The chloroplast is a
key product in photosynthesis. picture of chloroplast The chloroplast is the picture Golgi Body The golgi body packages things
that can be later shipped out. Picture of golgi body The golgi body is like the seat belts
in the roller coaster because they
package you in and when the ride is
done they ship you out. picture of seat belts Cell Membrane The cell membrane determines
what can go in and out. Picture of cell membrane The cell membrane is like the
ticket booth or bag checkers
because they determine who can
go in and out of the park. picture of people Cell Wall The cell wall is a strong wall outside
a plant cell's cell membrane that
protects the cell and maintains its shape. picture of cell wall The cell wall is like the fences of
the park because they protect the
park and keep the shape of the park. picture of fence Cytoskeleton The cytoskeleton is responsible for
cell movement, shape and growth. picture of cytoskeleton The cytoskeleton is like the stanchions
with retractable belts because it keeps
the shape of the lines to the rides. picture of stanchions with retractable belts ] Vacuole acts as a storage tank
inside the cell the vacuole acts as a warehouse
to store extra parts Ribosome Constructs proteins in a cell The ribosomes acts as engineers
that construct roller costers in an amusment park mitochondria makes energy for
the cell the Mitochondria acts as food stalls in an amusement park. Food stalls provide energy for amusement park guests. Cytoplasm holds all organelles
inside a cell bolts act as a cytoplasm in an amusment park because bolts hold all roller costers into the ground Endoplasmic Reticulum The E.R. transposrts
things throughout the cell The E.R. acts as a roller coster car transporting people from the start to end of a ride. Chloroplast The chloroplast is found in plant cells only;
it is where photosynthesis takesss place The chloroplast acts as a factory
where roller coasters are produced Golgi Body The Golgi Body packages things that
can later be shipped out of the cell The golgi body acts like a seat belt because seat belts hold people in but then unbuckel to let people leave. Cell Membrane Determines what can
go in and out of the cell the cell membrane acts as a ticket booth because ticket booths determine if you will get into a amusment park. Cell Wall Holds the plant upright
(Protects the shape) A Fence in an amusement park acts like a cell wall because it helps to hold the shape of the park together. Cytoskeleton Responsible for the cells
movement, shape, and growth The cytoskeleton is like the track of a roller coaster because it moves the cars around. Lysosome digestive enzymes Centriole helps the cell divide the Nucleolus is like a
roller coaster operator
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