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Historic Harmony utopian communities independent research progect

No description

madison hughes

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Historic Harmony utopian communities independent research progect

Canterbury Shaker Village rules and laws This is a picture of the Canterbury shaker village Shakers did not get married or bear children. Shakers lived in "holy families," where they lived as brothers and sisters.They left there families and moved in with their "holy families," and only learned about god. family and marriage guidelines The shakers careers included farming, selling seeds, herbs and herbal medicines; and by manufacturing textiles, pails, brooms and other products. this is how most shakers made their living. although celibate, there were always children in the shaker village. Some came with parents who had been converted with the families broken up,others were orphans,and still others were dropped off by destitute parents who could no longer provide for them. No child was turned away. They were fed,clothed, and educated,both academic subjects and the trades. On becoming of age, they were free to leave or stay and sign the covenant. Girls received classroom instructions in the summer, and boys in the winter. Education & Careers The Shakers were once known as the United Society of Believers in Christ Second Coming. they developed there own religious expression which included communal living, productive labor, celibacy, pacifism, the equality of sexes, and a ritual noted for its dancing and shaking. Spiritually, Shaker theology, which held that God created all things in a "Dual" order, stated that the female element of Christ, manifested in Ann Lee, heralded the second Christian church, as Christ heralded the first Christian church. People state that Ann Lee became a spiritual woman , who could reveal and manifest "the mother spirit in Christ and in deity," as Jesus, "being a male, could only reveal and manifest the Father in Christ." According to Christian Becksvroort, in the shaker legacy perspectives on an enduring furniture style, "the belief that God is both Mother and Father is the theological basics for the shaker belief." religious beliefs Medical and government guidelines For government, they believed in community ownership,but were aggressive entrepreneurs. They launched industry after industry,they developed and adopted new technologies,reinvesting the earnings into community enterprises to encourage greater growth and productivity. Shakers were known to make their own herbal medicines and were rarely visited by an outside physician. The lives of the shaker's were strictly ordered with laws covering every aspect of life. These were known as the millennial laws. They were revised from time to time,reflecting the shakers flexibility to a changing world. This was a necessity.Because of the shaker adherence to celibacy,the survival of the movement depended on recruits from outside the village.
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