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ClassScape - Gardner-Webb

No description

Jason Parker

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of ClassScape - Gardner-Webb

Program Evaluation -
Jason Parker ClassScape Focus instruction by identifying class and individual student strengths and weaknesses on North Carolina Standard Course of Study indicators.
Assist in achieving or maintaining curriculum alignment by providing assessments approved by content experts.

Evaluate instructional strategies and monitor student progress through real-time feedback reports. Background Information ClassScape was purchased along with a
variety of other programs for the district Teachers did not have appropriate
staff development Teachers do not have a clear understanding of the tools, features, and design of the program Purpose the researcher wanted to determine whether teachers in a school district in NC were using ClassScape to drive student instruction formative assessment common assessments analysis of data Program Evaluation CIPP model will be utilized
to determine
the implementation of
surveys and interviews will be used Action Plan P-D-S-A plan will be used to develop
additional staff development
for teachers to understand
the benefits of ClassScape

a small sample of teachers will be utilized to determine
the effectiveness of the changes before full execution of changes
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