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Character Development of Piggy

No description

Anvita Devineni

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Character Development of Piggy

Anvita Devineni
Alisha Kalangara
Elena Grijalva Character Development of Piggy Overview Works Cited Piggy as an Adult Discussion Questions 1. Would the other boys have behaved differently if there was no character such as Piggy?

2. If Piggy had the chance to lead the boys, what type of leader might he be? What would his goals be and would he be successful in achieving them?

3. From the beginning of the story, Piggy and Ralph became close friends. Does Piggy need Ralph more than Ralph needs Piggy or is it the opposite?

4. Why does everyone hate Piggy even though he offers good ideas?

5.Piggy values the conch more so than most of the other characters. Why do you think this is?

6. Had Piggy survived would he eventually have agreed to just join Jack's tribe and engage in the savagery present in the other boys?

7. How might the story been different if Piggy had died earlier in the book? The boys slowly begin to treat Piggy as an animal culminating with his murder.

Piggy represents the scientific, logical group of people in society. Though he is eventually killed, his original ideas (fire, conch) prove to be crucial to the story.

Throughout the book Piggy slowly becomes braver and more daring. The theft of his glasses is the final straw that causes him to try and right the wrongs of the island. pd. 2 Lord of the Flies - the story sets up his character as a social outcast "'Ralph-please!'
Piggy clasped his hands in apprehension.
'I said I didn't want--'
'Piggy! Piggy!'
He dived in the sand at Piggy's feet and lay there laughing.
Piggy grinned reluctantly, pleased despite himself at even this much recognition"(Golding 11). -emotionally vulnerable -physical characteristics:
poor eyesight
glasses*** What to Understand:
~ Intellectual superiority & physical inferiority
~respresents the scientific and rational side of civilization
~ he remained in the conventional stage (Kohlberg's stages of moral development) * Piggy was the only character who portrayed a feminine voice amongst the boys by frequently quoting his aunt. -is more accepted by Ralph as the story progresses -lacks leadership qualities, but his
intelligence makes up for it -social outcast "Piggy's breathing was quite restored.
'Like kids!' he said scornfully. 'Acting like a crowd of kids'
Ralph looked at him doubtfully and laid the conch on the tree trunk.
'I bet it's gone tea-time,' said Piggy. 'What do they think they're going to do on that mountain?'
He caressed the shell respectfully, then stopped and looked up.
'Ralph! Hey! Where are you going?' "'It was an accident,' said Piggy suddenly, 'that's what it was. An accident.' His voice shrilled again. 'Coming in the dark- he had no business crawling like that out of the dark. He was batty. He asked for it.' He gesticulated widely again. 'It was an accident.'
'You didn't see what that did-'
'Look, Ralph. We got to forget this. We can't do no good thinking about it, see?'
'I'm frightened. Of us. I want to go home. Oh God, I want to go home.'
'It was an accident,' said Piggy stubbornly, 'and that's that'' (Golding 157). Piggy, though he gains courage and shows maturity, does not progress to the post-conventional stage in Kohlberg's stages of morality.

Wishes to maintain order; wants to assure authority, so he uses the conch;
All about rules, rules, rules

Doesn't spend much time thinking about morals; he wants to go with logic, get the job done.
(represents scientific/logical part of society) -Doesn't find as much interest in the "childish" things the other boys do

Simon's death:
-doesn't TRULY feel remorse
-tries to come up with reasoning and a formula to justify his death The Conch Shell & Glasses -the conch represents order and authority; when it is crushed, it symbolizes the destruction of civilization Piggy tells Ralph all about the conch. Piggy knows what to do (blow into the shell), but is too weak physically (because of his asthma) to do it.

This is basically a metaphor for Piggy’s entire existence: intellectual superiority, physical inferiority. "He laid the conch against his lips, took a deep breath, and blew once more. The note boomed again: and then at his firmer pressure, the note, fluking up an octave, became a strident blare more penetrating than before. Piggy was shouting something, his face pleased, his glasses flashing"(Golding 17). -Piggy's glasses represented power and innovation because they started the fire "He could go step by step inside that fat head of his, only Piggy was no chief. But Piggy, for all his ludicrous body, had brains" (Golding 78). Concluding Thoughts The glasses are a sign of physical weakness, yet often represent intelligence -still remains loyal to Ralph -gains confidence when his ideas finally start to get heard and starts gaining even a small amount of respect Piggy becomes Braver "Ralph came to the surface and squirted a jet of water at [Piggy].
'Mind my specs,' said Piggy. 'If I get water on the glass I got to get out and clean `em.'
Ralph squirted again and missed. He laughed at Piggy, expecting him to retire meekly as usual in pained silence. Instead Piggy beat the water with his hands.
'Stop it!' He shouted. 'D`you hear?'
Furiously he drove the water into Ralph's face (Golding 147). What are your thoughts on how Piggy relates to the pig that Jack slaughtered? Bartels, Kristy. Severed Pig Head Aka Lord of the Flies. Digital image. KristyBartels. N.p., 13 July 2012. Web. 6 Mar. 2013. <http://kristybartels.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/severed-pig-head/>.

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