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Medal of Honor : Ethan, Austin, Pierre

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lib hist

on 8 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of Honor : Ethan, Austin, Pierre

John Cooper
After receiving bad damage to his ship, the U.S.S. Brooklyn, and losing several men, Cooper fought with skill and courage during the ferocious battle which resulted in the surrender of the rebel ram Tennessee. This was a very honorable act. He risked his life to fight alongside his men and defeat the opposition helping out in the Civil War. This is a great sacrificial example of the great coxswain John Cooper.
Bennie Adkins
When a camp was attacked by a large Viet Cong force, Adkins pushed through the daunting hostile fire and manned a mortar position. Although he was wounded, he ran through exploding mortars and dragged several of his comrades to safety. When the enemies had stopped shooting, Adkins ran out into heavy sniper fire and carried his wounded partners to the camp's dispensary. He bravely sacrificed himself for thew safety of his comrades and finally escaped the camp via helicopter evacuation. He was strong when he was outnumbered, which shows his courage and devotion to his country.
Mary Walker
Was the first and only female medal of honor recipient. She was captured by confederate forces after crossing enemy lines to treat wounded civilians and was arrested as a spy. She was sent as PoW to Richmond, Virgina until she was releases in a prisoner exchange. After the war she was approved for the highest United States Armed Forces decoration for bravery, the medal of honor, for her efforts in the Civil War.
Robert Sweeney
He is the only African-American to get two medals of honor. Serving on board the USS Kearsage, at Hampton Roads. Sweeney jumped over board and assisted in saving a drowning shipmate, who had fallen over board into a strongly running tide.
Jose Nisperos
He is the first Asian-American to receive a medal for his actions.Having been badly wounded, his left arm broken and he had received several spear wounds in the body so he could not stand, continued to fire his rifle with one hand at the enemy, preventing the annihilation of his party.
Peter Lemon
He was a former US army soldier. He dedicates the medal of honor to his three comrades he lost in the battle which he received the award for: Casey Waller, Nathan Many, and Brent Street. Lemon is the only Canadian-born US citizen to be presented the medal for fighting in the Vietnam War. He is the eighth youngest medal of honor recipient.
Medal of Honor : Ethan, Austin, Pierre
They all received the medal of honor for their brave sacrifices and honor. They also all made courageous acts in the face of danger.
All of them men except for Mary Walker. They consisted of all types of races. They fought in various wars as well.
In conclusion, all of these fierce fighters made honorable sacrifices for their country.
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