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Three Skeleton Key: Protagonist and Antagonist

No description

Kyndall Blake

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Three Skeleton Key: Protagonist and Antagonist

Protagonist and Antagonist
Three Skeleton Key
Protagonist vs. Antagonist
Protagonist: the chief character in a literary work
What do we find out about the narrator in the first few paragraphs?
How do we know this person is the protagonist?
Ship Wreck
1054: In what ways are Le Gleo's and the narrator's reactions to the doomed ship similar and different?
1058: What strategies do the men employ to stay calm?
Antagonist: a character or force that opposes the protagonist
*The protagonist's motives may be universal
*The conflict between the protagonist's and the antagonist may be universal as well
Born in Paris
Wrote 19 books about the sea
Maritime expert
Comparing Characters
What do we learn about the other characters?
Pg 1053: What does Le Gleo's fear suggest about his character?
How is Itchoua different from Le Gleo?
How did the rats contribute to the state of the ship?
What type of conflict do the rats represent?
How do the rats now fit the definition of the antagonist?
What do their reactions to the situation tell us about the characters individually?
Are these struggles external or internal?
What do you think motivates the narrator and Le Gleo to risk their own lives to help Itchoua?
In what ways are the group of men and the group of rats similar?
What is a difference?
In what way does human intelligence overcome the rats' brutality?
How are the characters ultimately changed?
Why is the island named
Three Skeleton Key?
How does that affect the tone of the story?
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