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The best 6 reasons to buy a

No description

Mau Moreno

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of The best 6 reasons to buy a

Why we have to buy a SSC Ultimate Aero TT
To begin we have to say that this is one of top ten cars in all the world being the number 4ª, that's mean that we have the security that we are going to acquire a quality product
Manufacturer: Shelby Super Cars
Parent Company: Shelby
Type: Supercar
Body: Coupe
Designer : Jerod Shelby

Motor: V8 Twin-Turbo 6.3 L
Horsepower: 1180
Maximum Speed: 437Km/h
0-100: 2.9 Seconds

At the beginning the maximum speed was 412 km/h, although after some updates this car passed the expectations of the original model and in the actually with the latest modification that is this version we can reach the speed of 439 km/h
This is the best option to buy a supercar
There are many beautiful color
You can inspire love with this car
And you will be the envy of all your friends :D
This is the interesting part of the presentation, but before we start this part I have to say that this car cost unless that the Veyron at least 50% of the total price.
And the price for this car is
$640.000 Dollars
$7.872,000 Pesos

SSC Ultimate Aero TT
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