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Nissan: Turning over a new LEAF


A. Brantley Stone

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Nissan: Turning over a new LEAF

The Green Machines
by Adam Stone
the Nissan LEAF
as marketed by Nissan Motor Company
a polluted world
holes in the ozone
diminishing oil reserves
serious global problems...
but there are
like the world's first mass-marketed
zero-emissions 100% electric vehicle
The Nissan LEAF
Nissan will be the first to put over 10,000
freeway speed electric vehicles on the road
preorders of the LEAF reached Nissan's target
of 20,000 three months ahead of schedule
the Nissan-Renault partnership has pledged more
than $5 billion towards the LEAFs global debut
What value does Nissan deliver
to the consumer and how?
well, what's in a name?
LEAF is actually an acronym for:
Nissan is a pioneer changing the industry. As a LEAF-owner, you will never have:
a transmission problem
a timing belt
an oil change
or a gas tank - more space for your feet and storage!
Family car
Nissan Motor Co.
rises in America
After the war, Nissan hired
many engineers who had designed the engines of
Japanese war planes
In 1973, in
the midst of
the fuel crisis,
Datsun's Sunny
took first place
in the EPAs first
industry wide
test of fuel-
Nissan began producing
cars in 1933 in pre-war Japan
Nissan began exporting
cars to the US in 1958
under the name
recognizing a need for improvements in fuel economy, Nissan invested heavily in two technologies that reduce gas consumption:
fuel-efficient direct-injection engines
continuously-variable transmission
Target Markets
the Urban Commuter
the Green Consumer
young drivers
the LEAF has significant value to consumers concerned
with protecting the environment, fuel-efficiency, and
those living in areas with adequate EV infrastructure
they use green products
and they drive environmentally
responsible automobiles
they recycle and make
environmentally -friendly
choices in their home
the majority of their travel is to and from work or school and well within the range of the LEAF
the high level of investment in cities will give Urban commuters greater access to EV infrastructure
Many urban commuters already have access to EV charging stations and are awaiting better vehicles
most consumers age 18-34 believe that
seniors and older generations are less likely to purchase an EV because many of them doubt the existence of climate change
this group is more concerned about the evironment than any other age group
there is a direct link between climate change and human activity
Many competitors have experimented with EVs but Nissan invested much more, much earlier and has a lot more to show for it
Nissan's high level of investment in developing the LEAF and a supportive EV infrastructure shows that they share the consumer's perceived financial risk
The primary direct competitor of the Nissan LEAF is the Chevy Volt. The two regularly compete with one another in the media and at EV autoshows
LEAF vs. Volt
Lower Purchase Price

Lower Lease Price

Electric Range of 100 miles

Never fill up at the gas station


More spacious interior
No range anxiety

Shorter charging time

Electric Range of 40 miles

Independent of EV infrastructure
making them an attractive target market for the Nissan LEAF
Nissan is pricing the LEAF aggressively to undercut the competition in the US
Already a potent selling point, the low price of the LEAF is made more attractive by government funded tax rebates for environmentally-responsible vehicles
17 years of in-house lithium-ion battery research give the LEAF
Hybrids and other fuel-efficient vehicles
a strategic advantage and reduce costs to Nissan and consumers
including Steve Jobs and Lance Armstrong.
The LEAF has been endorsed by several high-profile celebrities
Nissan has also made emotional appeals to consumers to promote the LEAF, the most popular of which is "Polar Bear"
In these distribution areas, Nissan will offer complimentary roadside pickup, towing and quick-charge for LEAF owners who find themselves stranded due to diminished battery life.
How to get a LEAF
production of the LEAF at Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee plant began three weeks ago
the first 20,000 vehicles originally scheduled for assembly and delivery are already spoken for thanks to Nissan's successful online reservation system
Worldwide Release Red: 2010, Orange 2011, Yellow 2012
Price to reserve a LEAF $100
the U.S. Department of ENergy granted 100 million to Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation for the EV Project
Vehicles will initially be produced
at the Oppama plant in Japan.
including the installation of 11,210 charging stations in strategic markets and major cities across the U.S.
LEAF Release by year
the Nissan LEAF is effectively marketed as an exemplar, giving new life to the EV market
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