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Automatic Indoor Clothes Dryer

Automatic Indoor Clothes Dryer

Suresh Ji

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Automatic Indoor Clothes Dryer

General Purpose:
To develop an automatic indoor clothes dryer. Recommendations: Specific Purpose:
Help Students:
>Dry clothes on rainy days.
>Dry Clothes automatically.
>Reduce Burden. Students:
Have limited space.
No time to collect their clothes.
Hard to manage on rainy days.
Too much committents. State of problem: Questionnaire Method.

Part A: Demography
Part B: Closed_End(Likert-Scale)
Part C: Open-Ended. (Opinion)

Respondents: 30 Uniten Students.
(COIT, COE, CFGS, COBA) Methodology Finding and Analysis Conclusion: ENGB213 PROJECT Automatic Indoor Clothes Dryer Lecturer : Madam Lilie Zahara Bte Ramly
Section : 03 By:
ARJUN S/O SIVALINGAM SN085793 Background Indoor Clothes Dryer
>Household Appliances

Traditional way:
>Drying under direct sunlight.
>Cost-free. Constraints:
Rainy Days and Windy Days Solutions:
Automatic Clothes dryer. Problems:
Expensive , bigger size. Part A Part B: No place in their apartment. Cloths get wet - rainy days. Tend to forget. Busy schedule. Clothes get missing. Cloth is not dry. Good implementation. Manage clothes automatically. Students can study without worries. Part C: All student agrees that they are having difficulties to dry their clothes during rainy days.
To reduce burden , Automatic Indoor Dryer is needed. The Uniten management should provide this automatic cloth dryer in students apartments.
Other Malaysian universities should implement this. References: Clothes Dryer. (n.d). Retrieved from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothes_dryer

Sample Questionnaire. (n.d).
Retrieved from http://www.samplequestionnaire.com/

Peter H. Jones - The Union Institute. (n.d). Chapter 4 - Case Analysis Findings.Retrieved from: http://redesignresearch.com/pde-4.htm

Winston Tellis. (1997, September 3). Case Study Methodology.
Retrieved from: http://www.nova.edu/ssss/QR/QR3-3/tellis2.html Apartments' space is small. Positive response.
Aware of advantages.
Hope will overcome the problem of students. Thank
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