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Provider Payment Regulations

No description

HRN Staff

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Provider Payment Regulations

Provider Payment Regulations
Child Care Certificates
The certificate is between HRN & the parent. It shows the certified hours of care.
Providers should receive a Child Care Certificate for each child prior to providing care.
Child Care Certificates should be returned within seven days of receipt.
Provider should contact HRN if a Child Care Certificate has not been received.
Review Child Care Certificates monthly prior to submitting the Attendance Record for payment.
Additional hours must be certified by HRN prior to receiving payment.
Attendance Records cannot be paid without a current Child Care Certificate.
Absences (Excused)
Parents must list reason for absence on the Attendance Record and parent signature is required.

Family Emergency
Court Ordered Visitation (court documentation required)
In Best Interest (10 days per year) For example, family vacation, day at Grandma's, etc.
Provider Non-Op Days
Each provider is allowed 10 paid days off per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30), BUT must be stated in the providers policies. A copy must be submitted to HRN.
Included are vacation, sick, and/or holidays.
Providers may close more than 10 days but payment will not be made by HRN.
Alternate providers will only be paid when a child cannot attend their regularly scheduled provider.
Payment Policies
Three consecutive days are considered a week and are eligible for a weekly rate.
When the parent has a set schedule and the month ends in the middle of the week it could either be pro-rated or weekly rate will be paid. Payment will be pro-rated if there are less than 3 days in the ending week and will be paid the weekly rate if there are 3 or more days in the ending week.
Less than 30 hours may be paid PTW if noted on Child Care Certificate, 30 or more hours may be paid FTW.
Variable schedules are paid on actual attendance and cannot be pro rated. Weekly rates will be paid according to Child Care Certificate. If ending week of the month is less than 3 days, weekly rate will be paid the following month. If there are 3 or more days in the ending week, weekly rate will be paid in the current month.
Hours not paid by HRN may be collected directly from the parent, if specified in provider policies.
One per child for each contracted parent/ per month.
Each field at the top must be completed.
HRN cannot pay prior to parent's first effective date of care.
The numbers on the left hand side coincide with the days of the month.
Parents are required to sign in & out each day with exact in & out times.
Actual Hours Column must be rounded to the nearest quarter (.25, .50, .75) hour.
Non-certified child care hours will not be paid.
Attendance Records
Provider Responsibilities
The provider's rate must be equal to that charged to non-subsidized children.
The provider's rate must be on file with HRN prior to any payment.
Completion and accuracy of the Attendance Record for each child in care.
Private pay days/hours must not be combined with subsidy hours on the Attendance Record.
All attendance records must be legible.
Talking Points
Hourly rate - under 6 hours in a day
Daily rate - 6 hours or more in a day (6.5 FCCH/CCTR)
Part-time weekly - less than 30 hours in a week
Full-time weekly - 30 or more hours per week
Part time monthly - certified need is less than 30 hours per week and need occurs in every week of the month
Full time monthly - certified need is 30 hours or more per week and occurs in every week of the month
Monthly certified need averages 30 hours or more per week when calculated by dividing the total number of hours in the month by 4.33.
Reimbursement to providers based on a daily rate may not exceed 14 days per month. If more than 14 days, an hourly rate will be paid up to a maximum of the full time monthly Regional Market Rate (RMR) or providers maximum full time monthly rate, whichever is less.
parent signs
parent signs
First & Last
First & last
parent signs
provider signs
provider signs
parent signs
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