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Japan ~HeMe...Jenny... Ally(:

our prezii is due on November 1st.!!(:

HeMe Ortiiz(:

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Japan ~HeMe...Jenny... Ally(:

Society, Reign, Family life

By: Lilah..'(:
..Lizzy'(: Society In the early 200s Japan was divided into clans. Clans were families of people who were related by blood or marriage.Clans often fought each other for land. Land was the main source of wealth and power beacause there was very little cultivation. Standard 7.5.2 Discuss the Reign of Prince Shotoku of Japan and the characteristics of Japanese society and family life during his reign. In 593, a young leader, Prince Shokotu, took power in Japan. Shotoku was not an emperor but serves as a regent for the empress, his aunt Suiko. He became so popular as a regent that one historian had sealled him the "Prince Charming", of Japanese history. When Prince Shokuto was 13 years old he, the emperor Bidastu died a struggle for bloody succession took place which involved the heads of two noble families. Prince Shokotu died in 622. The Constitution Hart, Diane. Medieval and Early Modern times. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. Print

Douglas, Mark. "Song Dynasty." The World Book Encyclopedia 1993. Chicago, IL: World Book, 1993. N. pag. Print. Citation Family Life Japanese society was organized into classes. Most people in Japan were peasants, and not alot of people were part of the aristocratics which are known as the noble class. The ruler and the nobles ran the government. Nobles could take a civil service examination to get a government position. Japan’s leaders were not interested in giving all people a chance to rise in rank and importance. Question 1 What was the name of the first constitution? ANSWER 1! The Constitution of the Seventeen Articles Question 2 What was the prince name? Answer 2 Prince Shokotu Question 3 When was Japan divided into clans and what were clans? Answer 3 Japan were divided into clans in the early 200s, and clans are famimlies of people who fight each other for land. Prince Shokotu Prince Shotoku studied and believed that Cofucianism could help his country come together. In about A.D 604, the prince gave Japan its 1st constitution, the Constitution of the Seventeen Articles.It was based on Confucian and Buddhist thought.The Confucian gave the authority to raise taxtes to support a strong central government.
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