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Responding and controlling

Yr 10 Science Topic

marty baker

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Responding and controlling

Controlling &
Responding Identifying Stimulus Task 1 Task 2 Responding Cycle Behaviour Control
Mechanisms Nervous System Responses It's All About Stimulus How do we get information from our environment but how much information do we actually take in??? Fact: We process over 400 billion pieces of information each second
However, We are only aware of about 2000 of them Spot the Differences Stimulus - Response Model Feedback Model Key Terms Receptor
A specialised area sensitive to
changes in different conditions Stimuli
A enivornmental factor that
activates a receptor such as Effector
An organ where stimulus is sent like a gland or muscle where a response occurs Homeostasis
Maintinence of constant internal
environment despite changes to suroundings Structure Of CNS Science of reflexes Nerons and Motor Neurons
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