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Animal Testing Should be Banned

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Lauren Cooper

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Animal Testing Should be Banned

Animal Testing:
Why it Should be Banned Companies That Test on animals Defenseless Animals Are Tested on
Daily Types of Tests Conclusion Many household items that are commonly used are tested on helpless animals before they reach our hands... Small animals such as rabbits, rats, and even sometimes kittens are used to be tested on. The IDA or in defense of animals has been fighting animal cruelty for twenty-five years, researchers exposed two examples of common tests performed on animals. The first is the draize test, which is when they put caustic substances in the eyes of conscious rabbits to evaluate damage to sensitive eye tissues. This test often causes the rabbits to scream loudly and even break their own necks.
The second test that is discussed is the lethal dosage test, which is used to determine the amount of a substance that an animal can take before it kills the animal In conclusion animal testing should be
banned completely. It is not only harmful to
animals but to the consumer as well.
There are many alternatives to animal
testing that we should be taking advantage of.
If animal testing was prohibited not only
would it benefit animals, but it would also better our
products in the future due to more effective testing
methods. Overall, animal testing
should be banned. There are cruel tests performed on them daily, often with no remedy for the pain. The tests can be done to the same animal multiple times a day which
greatly harms
the animal and
can even kill the
animal. Many people think animal
testing is okay because they are "just animals"
but the animals go through a lot of pain and
suffering for our benefit. Many of us would not want our household pets to undergo these tests, so why should they be allowed on other defenseless animals, animals cannot communicate their pain so why don't we use more effective methods of testing by testing on humans.
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