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A resume in Prezi

Example of a resume in prezi

Angelie Agarwal

on 22 May 2010

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Transcript of A resume in Prezi

John Doe Agency Experience Consulting Projects / Ideas Education Undercurrent Leopold Ketel & Partners Anvil Media, Inc. The New Group Harlo Media, Inc. Lexicon Staffing Upper Playground Interactive Strategy &
Experience Planning Blog Source: Coffee Portland State University
Portland, OR
1995-2000 Market Research Marketing Strategy Porltand Ad Federation Porltand Ad Federation Relevant Courses Business Strategy Helped manage a massive consumer brand's social media accounts

Performed weekly digital measurement reports Consumer Behavior References Work Samples - Portland Ad Federation Work Samples - Projects / Ideas Undercurrent November 2009 - December 2009 Wrote the first client-facing social media documents

Restructured Internship to focus on social media

Created wire frame navigation for an intern micro-site Harlo Media March 2009 - June 2009 Put brand monitoring tools in place through RSS feeds

Taught the staff best practices for using social media

Compiled a list of relevant sources to gather content
Lexicon Staffing June 2009 Worked as a student consultant as part of the Business Outreach Program

Wrote a full business plan directed toward lenders

Provided social media consulting
Upper Playground March 2009 -June 2009 available upon request Source: Coffee
Fosters the relationships between baristas and coffee enthusiasts through social media.
Educates coffee enthusiasts about specialty coffee and analyzes each step of the coffee process.
Holds the long term goal of being a social awareness project for coffee farmers around the world
Interactive Strategy & Experience Planning Blog
A digital learning tool for myself
A record of my experience in the world of advertising

Contact Info email:
linkedin: Based on a prezi by Jason Pearson
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