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CG Classic FM Arts presentation

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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of CG Classic FM Arts presentation

Classic 107.1 FM is Winnipeg's ONLY dedicated classical and jazz music station

The best in classical music hosted by smart and entertaining hosts from 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM Monday to Friday. Jazz takes centre stage from 9:00 PM until midnight.

News, Sports and Weather, on the hour, every hour during prime times

The Music
Classic 107.1, isn't just be about great music. We're also Winnipeg’s foremost cultural connection. Online and on air we cover everything from the symphony and the opera to theatre and comedy through special series, sponsored events, interviews and dedicated arts reports

Arts & Culture
45plus – the single most powerful consumer
group in North America.

Classic 107.1 Audience
Golden West Radio has long been a highly successful business enterprise.

The reason behind this success lies in the fact that it operates on a simple and basic premise; to connect with, embrace and involve the community it serves.

Classic FM 107.1 is no exception.

Proven Track Record

Research shows this demographic accounts for 56% of all consumer spending and they control 75% of the wealth. They are affluent, mobile and discerning.

They (are):
Post-Grad Educated
Own Their Homes
The Principal Grocery Shoppers
Home Improvement Spenders

Regularly Golf
• Travel on Vacation
• Invest in Stocks/Mutual Funds
• Attend Concerts/Theatre/Ballet/Opera/Art Galleries/Museums

What's Out There Now?
Many radio stations look after promoting the economic, professional, religious and even ethnic aspects of a community. However, very few address the cultural needs, which in a city like Winnipeg, are pronounced.
Why Winnipeg?
Winnipeg and Manitoba have always been recognized officially and unofficially as one of Canada's top cultural centres thanks to the many diverse cultures that make up the overall demographics of our city and our province.

Of particular strength is the classical and jazz community. We only need mention names like Tracy Dahl, James Ehness and Lenny Breau. Or world class events like the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra's New Music Festival or the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival

Partnership Opportunities
For artistic organizations, long time partnership opportunities remain among some of the most essential linkages for communicating current works, concerts, festivals and community outreach events to the broader public. Classic FM 107.1 is that partner.
What Can We Do That No One Else Can?
Classic FM 107.1 fills a need that is currently not being met by any broadcaster. Whether it's through promoting your events, profiling artists, getting a behind-the-scenes look, we are Winnipeg's destination spot for classical music, jazz and the arts
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