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Rights of a Women in Ancient Greece

No description

Ruben F

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Rights of a Women in Ancient Greece

Learn about the world of hardship for
women back in Ancient Greece Rights of a women in Ancient Greece Introduction to rights of a women in
ancient Greece Life of a woman Education Marriage Work Video about Life in Ancient Greece Thank you for listening!
I hope you learned something from my presentation and always remember it! Question???? Hello! As you can see here, today I will be talking about tights of a women in ancient Greece. I chose this topic to talk to you about because I believe everyone should have equal rights. When it came to me that women did not have any rights back then, that got me wondering, why didn’t they have fair rights? That got me interested in it and now here I am doing a presentation on it. I hope you learn a lot from my presentation that I put a lot of interest and hard work into. Hope you enjoy!! Women in ancient Greece didn't have as many rights of a women as they do today. Women didn't complain about the rights of a women until later on but back then in ancient Greece, women lived a very difficult live filled with a lot of hardship. Women did not get to do anything or go anywhere without their a male persons permission. Not even go to the temple to pray to their god/goddesses. The same goes with the whole ancient world. As said before, women did not have that many rights. That also included education. In today's world, anybody from ages 3 and up can get an education weather they are boy or girl. But back then, boys and men were only permitted to go to school for a good education while women stayed at home doing house work. Women still learned a few things from their husbands or brothers just to help their sons if they have any. It actually depends whether or not you get education . If you are a Spartan (someone whose parents were taken away from them at age seven and lived a harsh and often brutal life in the soldiers barracks), that is when you get an education because you are meant to be taught how to cheat , lie and do other crimes. Otherwise, the little information taught to you was still useful for them. Women were in charge of the house! Just like most women are today! They are in charge from doing the chores all the way to handling us crazy children. Most Greek women did not do housework all by themselves. Most Greek homes had slaves. Female slaves cooked, cleaned, and worked in the fields. Male slaves watched the door, to make sure no one came in when the man of the house was away, except for female neighbors, and were mostly tutors for the children of the house. Marriage was also very unfair for women in ancient Greece. In today's life, marriage was a choice made between both the husband, wife and the rest of the close family. But in ancient Greece, Girls got married in their teens, often to a man in his 30's. After a woman got married, she and her husband would give offerings to the god's and share a cake with her husband. Her father would chose her husband- for most Greeks, marriage was basically living together. Marriage may have been arranged from a very early age, if the daughter came from a wealthy family. The ancient Greek girl did not know or meet her husband until the dowry (the girl's portion of the father's money) and engagement had been agreed to. It was important that the ancient girls were virgins. This video shows you how people were back in ancient Greece. See what may be fair and may not be fair. Activities In today's world, everybody has a choice to participate in activities if they want or not. But in ancient Greece, mothers and daughters were not allowed to go to Olympic games which is actually a good thing because back then, they would wear nothing. Other than that part, women and girls were not allowed to play sports and were intended to do work and work all the time. Chariot racing was the only game women could participate in. Well, only if they owned the horse. If that horse won, they received the prize just like the rules are. Comparing Rights of a Women
from now and then Rights they had then Could not participate in sports
Were not permitted to go to school
Always had to work
Could not Vote
Can't go outside without husbands permission
Married to men thier there 30's when they were in teen years Rights of a women now Allowed to vote
Can go anywhere anytime
Married to men usually around their age
Both men and women worked
Allowed to participate in sports
Permitted to go to school Similarities between rights now and then Had somewhat of a job
Both have some sort of education
Can live good life
Women were usually in charge of the house As you can see here, there were not that many similarities to rights of a women between now and then. Just imagine yourself living in this type of situation as a lady back then! Rights have changed a lot from then and now. By: Rubaina Farin Sources
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