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Global Context for CCSS

OUSD Aug 21 and 22, 2012

Educators Cooperative

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Global Context for CCSS

Preparing Teachers and Students in the Flat World: What's a School to Do?
Steve Regur, Ed.D.
Influences on the future of American education
Common Core State Standards
Obligation or Opportunity?
Economic Imperative?
Opportunity or obligation?
Political Responses....
Follow the bouncing ball...
1. Identify the ultimate graduation outcome. Include all stakeholders, particularly business, higher education, and community members.
2. Backmap indicators related to that goal.
3. Align reporting systems to capture and analyze those indicators.
4. Align resources including personnel and policies to support those indicators.
5. Create a practice of reflection with checkpoints to examine progress on those indicators.
6. Communicate expectations to community and staff in user-friendly ways.
Steps for Stystemic Improvement
The Global Context for the Common Core
"One implication of hyper-connectivity for our students is... because..."
“One observation I have about the data is...”
college readiness
trend cost productivity
“One claim made by Sir Ken Robinson is...”
cultural identity
date of manufacture
divergent thinking
“One observation I made about the organization of the CCSS is...”

anchor standard
Smarter Balanced
3- A connection I made to the information shared today pertains to... because...

2- A concern I have is... because...

1- A question I have about the information shared is...
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