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Do CFC's from House hold products effect the Ozone

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Sammi Sanborn

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Do CFC's from House hold products effect the Ozone

CFC's from House hold products affecting the ozone layer hair spray, shaving cream, deodorant, cleaning products ect. we automatically use these things in our everyday life. But do we ever stop to think that these products are destroying our earths ozone layer. CFC's are manmade chemicals that are used in refriderators, styrofoam, aerosols. we thought they were harmless until james lovelock in 1970 investigated the haze near his home and found CFC's in the haze. after he did more research he also found out that CFC's are also present on clear days. later on it was discovered that CFC's are located everywhere everyday no matter what weather. CFCl3+UV light ==> CFCl2+Cl
chlorine, flourine,
and carbon.
Cl+O3 ==> ClO+O2
ClO+O ==> Cl + O2 when CFC's are released into the air they slowly rise in to the earths lower atmosphere and up to the stratosphere then they are converted by the suns rays into chlorine compounds. the chlorine compounds react with the ozone molecules converting them into oxygen molecules. CFC's themselves are not necessarily destroying the ozone but most of the decay products that come from them do. the equation is balanced because is
has the same amount of atoms on
each side. the chemical eqaution has to be
balanced because if its not than you dont know
how much of the reactants or products there is. this research had an impact on me because
it shows you that the stuff you use in your
everyday life is destroying the ozone
layer and it reminds to be more
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