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Junk Food Tax

No description

Bell Christa

on 14 June 2017

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Transcript of Junk Food Tax

Junk food should not be taxed!
A junk food tax would bring unintended consequences that are difficult to reverse.
A junk-food tax would give the government too much control over the citizens.
Could this be the answer to our
nation's obesity problems?
Negative impact on the economy
A junk-food tax punishes those who consume junk food in moderation.
About 65% of U.S. adults are not obese.
"The freedom to eat a slice of apple pie might not sound quite as stirring as freedom of speech, but the ability to choose how to live our lives is the most fundamental freedom. What you eat is no one's business but yours (Morriss n.p.)."
It is not the government's job to enforce food choices.
Giving the government additional revenue by taxing junk foods also gives away control of how that money is spent.
high blood pressure
heart disease
Taxing Junk Food: Many Drawbacks, Few Benefits
What is the goal?
Junk food taxes would do little to reduce obesity anyway.
unemployment may escalate
Increase in other unhealthy alternatives
trans fat
milkshakes & alcohol
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