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Working with parents in the Early years

created by Prezi

Anne Purdon

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Working with parents in the Early years

'Good parenting and high quality early
learning together provide the foundation
children need to make the most of their
abilities and talents as they grow up'
(DFE, 2012)
NOR 101 Early Years Principles, Policies and Practice.
Parent Partnership Initiatives
Parents Early Years and Learning Project (PEAL) 2005
...improved engagement and confidence
...increased parental knowledge
...better engagement in children's

Peers Early Education Partnership Project (2003)
... improved literacy and numeracy
...improved self esteem

Parents Involved in their Children's Learning (2000)
Penn Green Research Centre
Working with Parents
in the Early Years

In her review of the EYFS
Dame Clare Tickell said
'Where parents and carers
are actively encouraged to
participate confidently in their children's learning and healthy development, the outcomes for children will be at their best.' (Tickell, 2011)
Why is it important for early years practitioners to work with parents? Discuss
What values are important in working with children?

How should early years practitioners work with parents?

Which strategies are the most effective?
What values are central to working with parents ?
...the best interests of children should always be a priority ( as shown in the UNCRC 1989 Article 3 )
...a journey of trust
...strong, respectful relationships are needed
..sharing of information, responsibility and accountability
...genuinely valuing each other as partners
...both partners have equal status
...each partner can learn from the other

(Langston and Doherty, 2012, p143)
Penn Green Research Centre
Share with a partner 1 thing you
found out about the Penn Green
approach to working with parents.
What barriers might there be for settings working with parents? What strategies could be put in place to support settings ?
What does the EYFS say about working with parents? What have you found out?
What have you seen in practice in relation to settings working with parents?

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this session you should be able to explain
....why it is important to work with parents in the early years
...what are the values central to this work
...what the EYFS says about working with parents
...some methods of working with parents seen in practice
...barriers and ways to overcome them
...strategies used at Penn Green
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